OUT NOW: Daisy Harris releases raw and vivacious track ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’

OUT NOW: Daisy Harris releases raw and vivacious track ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’

FFO: Mazzy Star, Beabadoobee, Maggie Rogers

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Cover Art: Emily Worms

‘What [Harris] does, with her abstract lyrics and tight musicianship, she does brilliantly.’

‘[Harris] paints vivid pictures with magical lyrics whilst maintaining a sense of joy and optimism in what are often heavy themes.’

‘She has displayed her immense range through two major Eps…’

‘[Harris’s] discography is personal yet universal, she has a knack for telling intimate stories in a way that is accessible to all’

‘Harris does not shy away from implying the state of her teenage years and using the 90s sounds as inspiration’


Creating her own unique flavour of genre-fluid music Daisy Harris takes inspiration from the likes of Mazzy Star and The Lemonheads to cement her brand of indie-pop guitar music. Her impressive musicianship shines through with her multi-instrumental ability and wonderfully translates into transcendental and heartfelt music.

Harris (vocals/ guitar/ banjo/ ukulele) has already worked the showcase circuit across Glasgow and with total self-sufficiency when it comes to recording and mixing, she is set to become a prominent figure in the Manchester music scene.

Following on from her previous release, the lovelorn ‘A24’‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’ takes a dive into the trials and tribulations of navigating a relationship leading up to the horrible realisation that the other person is using you.

Harris tunes into her frustrations and delivers a rock-infused track hellbent on creating an outlet for listeners experiencing the same type of hurt. Penning a narrative of ‘waking up and smelling the coffee’, Harris’ honesty makes for a sincere take on heartache.

Featuring similar synth lines to ‘A24’, ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’ expands upon Harris’ expansive back catalogue of deep, rolling cuts filled with drilling instrumentation.

With full throttle up to the four-minute mark, the insistent bass lines and pleading vocalisations ring reminiscent of the girl-power pop made a staple by Beabadoobee. Harris has firmly moved away from her folk-rock sound to produce a mature, solid sonic offering. Versatility and experimentation are her strong suit, as she dabbles in veining different genres through her work, whilst remaining true to herself with her exceptional narrative painting abilities.

“I was so excited to explore a more rock-focussed sound for this song and to pour anger and frustration into a fun, upbeat song!  The music video was also so much fun to make and a dream project of mine.” – Daisy Harris on ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’


Written, recorded, and produced at home in her living room before being mastered by David Griffiths, Harris’ newest cut offers a raw insight into the mind of the Glaswegian, one-woman powerhouse.

To perfectly complement the release, Daisy enlisted the help of home-town friend Ellie Twist to shoot and direct an accompanying music video. Taking inspiration from the visuals that go hand in hand with her favourite track ‘Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down’ by world-renowned Fall Out Boy, Harris explores the tale she was once told by her Grandpa.

“It’s an adaptation of a story my grandpa would tell us about his friend, who was driving home beside Loch Lomond early one morning and spotted a roadkill deer.  He put it in his truck to take home to eat however the deer wasn’t dead, woke up and crashed the truck!”  

Throughout the video, Harris embodies the role of the deer, as the camera follows her around her suburban neighbourhood. Featuring serene and blissful imagery in spite of the morbid undertones, Harris’ storytelling knack shines through and offers an exciting insight of what’s yet to come.

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