OTHISMOS: “Separazione”, new album by Italian noise/crust outfit, out now!

“Separazione”, the new album by Italian noise/crust outfit OTHISMOS is out now!

“OTHISMOS seem to give few fucks of how the world perceives metal and hardcore and instead went down their own lightless and lonely path of destruction and into their personal hell. It may be a cryptic, even puzzling listen, but the character, brutality, and vehemence are inimitable”. – Cvlt Nation

“Similar to the way Haapoja, euth, or even The Secret fuse wild aggro black metal-adjacent atonality with crust punk sensibilities and unpredictable song structuring, OTHISMOS carry a range of explosive constituents and just one short-ass fuse”. – Toilet Ov Hell

“The musical equivalent of an anxiety attack: dark, claustrophobic, and cumbersome – resting heavy in the middle of your chest. It’s also hateful in the way that only someone who’s lost all hope can hate”. – Indy Metal Vault

“A bass driven, post-hardcore, noise punk and post-sludge worm of heaviness that diverges to atmospheric black metal extremes. Though that might sound like a neo-crust band gone wrong on paper, I can assure you that the dissonant aspects of their riffs and sound gel those elements together beautifully”. – Grizzly Butts

“Separazione” is the second OTHISMOS album. The band started in 2009, initially as a punk-hardcore band, and then evolved into a hardcore / crust / extreme metal hybrid with the debut album “L’Odio Necessario” (2015). The band avoids any easy categorization and has previously been compared to Cripple Bastards, Nasum, Negazione, High On Fire and Celeste.

The album, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios in Portland (Full Of Hell, From Ashes Rise), presents a yet another evolution compared to previous releases, further underlining the four-piece crust and black metal influences.

The album was self-released by the band on December 7th, 2018.


‘Separazione’ is exactly the record we wanted to make at this point in our journey: straight forward, fast and aggressive. We worked hard in the rehearsal room and in the studio and we achieved our goal, that is to create a dark, oppressive album; something able to surprise the listener right away. We don’t like talking about genres, we kinda live in seclusion when it comes to composing and we have never been interested in being easily catalogable. Our music should always convey feelings such as anger, hate, despair and emptiness, and that is enough for us. We see ‘Separazione’ as our own soundtrack to the downfall of human civilization”.


01. Canto dell’Estinzione
02. Black Star
03. Hymn of Victory
04. Madre
05. The Fangless Beast
06. 100 Years Demise
07. The Plague
08. Tale of a Righteous Man


Filippo “Caino” Masina – bass, vocals
Luca Migliorucci – guitar, vocals on “Madre”
Tommaso Dringoli – guitar
Shmulik Froilich – drums


Recorded and mixed by Emanuele “Bio” Ferrari & Othismos at B-Side Studio Recordings, Chianciano (Italy), March-June 2018.
Drums recorded somewhere in Israel in February 2018.
Mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios, Portland (US), June 2018.
Cover artwork: Sara Sostini – Savageartworks.


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