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While the sonic focus of “Let It Take Its Course” is destruction, eerie spoken word and chilling moans break up the pummel so the song grips as hard as it hits.  – Revolver Magazine

Now, with their second full-length LP in the works with Unbeaten Records and a tour with Kublai Khan and Slaughter To Prevail mounting, it feels as though these guys are ready to knock down
the door and charge into the room like a Kool-Aid Man full of spit and poison
. – Kerrang!

Sometimes you hear a band and immediately regret not having heard them earlier. That exact
thing happened with Nashville’s own Orthodox.
Metal Injection

Today, the Nashville metal act, Orthodox, announced their sophomore studio full-length, Let It Take Its Course, due out February 7th via Unbeaten Records. To celebrate, the band debuted the title track via a premiere with Revolver and an accompanying video. The single picks up towards the end of a bleak storyline revealed on the record, when the decision must be made to end what you’ve started, even if it means you cannot continue after the conclusion. Compared to the previous stand-alone single, “I Can Show You God”, it’s a mid-paced beater that drags the listener into dark places with their anxiety-inducing, downward spiraling riffs. Orthodox has come to pick up the torch of innovation from the likes of System of A Down, Gojira, and Slipknot with their sophomore record, one that is sure to become a career-defining release. You can pre-order the album here and watch the video for “Let It Take Its Course” on YouTube.

Speaking about the new music with Revolver, Adam Easterling (vocals) says: This song is the title track for a reason. Pieces of the album throughout can be tied to it in some way, whether it be vocally, instrumentally, or lyrically – and I can’t wait to share all of the pieces with everyone.

Single Artwork
When you think of metal music, one of the last places that would come to mind would probably be the country-infested Nashville, Tennessee. Orthodox would like to make you think twice about that. Forming in Music City in late 2012, this now metal-driven Straight Edge band has seen many changes, but has landed on a power filled lineup with the intent to hurt your neck. Though the band has been touring since 2013, their debut LP didn’t come out until 2017 via Unbeaten Records. Since then, Sounds of Loss has been making its rounds, as the band has continued to touch every corner of the US and everything in-between alongside familiar acts such as I Am, Left Behind, Chamber, and Spite. These days, you’ll still find original singer Adam Easterling fronting the band, while Austin Evans leads the guitar, Mike White carries the drums, and Shiloh Krebs holds down the bass. This quartet has recently recorded their second LP, due to also be released through Unbeaten Records. With new music and more touring on the horizon, don’t expect any signs of stopping to come from Orthodox any time soon.

Album Artwork

1. Remorse
2. Obsinity
3. Why Are You Here?
4. Leave
5. I Can Show You God
6. Cut
7. Look At Me
8. Then It Ends
9. Let It Take Its Course
10. The Presence
11. Wrongs

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