Orochen launches new single. November 8th, Dirty Hands lands wherever you usually find digital music.

In 2017, Orochen released their first, self-titled EP. This winter, it’s time for the sequel. The first release, the single Dirty Hands lands November 8th followed by the single Shiny String of Lies December 6th. Finally, the full new EP Mechanical Eyes lands January 17th.

Dirty Hands is a dense mix of post-rock, folk and post-metal that locates the shared sonic space between bands like Neurosis, Nine Inch Nails, Wovenhand and Swedish noise-masters like Ossler and Cult of Luna. A dystopian journey into the contemporary, capitalistic apocalypse where everything and everyone is interchangeable in a never dormant maelstrom of economic growth.

The Song evolves around the question of personal responsibility and self-imposed accountability. We face a collective catastrophe but remain paralyzed by the illusion of personal responsibility as we, instead of placing the accountability where it belongs, drown ourselves in personal guilt. Who benefits from the self-inflicted guilt that makes your protests a protest against yourself? Who is beyond redemption? Whose hands will the tide of time fail to clean?

Dirty Hands is written by Jonas Mattsson, mixed by Ulf Blomberg/HoboRec (Grace.Will.Fall, Old Kerry McKee, Electric Eel Shock among others) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Refused, Russian Circles, Tribulation, etc.). Artwork by Robin Norman. Produced by Orochen and recorded live in the spring of 2019 by Ulf Blomberg in The End Studios in Lund with overdubs recorded in Rosenlund, Dals Långed.

Orochen is based on Hisingen in Gothenburg with members originating from the surrounding forests of Värmland and Dalsland. From band constellations such as Ruins, Hemjord, Navelin, Intelligent Animal Minds and JURA. Orochen saw its first ray of morning light in 2017. The band took its name after one of the last displaced shaman peoples in present-day Russia and Mongolia.

Orochen is:
Emil Gustavsson – Guitars, backing vocals Rasmus Lindblom – Bass, synth, percussion Jonas Mattsson – Vocals, guitars, banjo Hampus Olsson – Drums, percussion




”Undoubtedly the success of this EP lies with Orochen’s ability to paint dark pictures through their music, through the intensity of the guitars and drumbeats, combined with vocals that never scream or shout, but just tell you how it is.” – Nordic Music Review

”…as much inspired by the post-rock of the 1990s as by Swedish folk music, American alternative country, ambient and the darkness of Thåström. Fantastic!” – Hymn

”… casts dark clouds over even the brightest sunlit day […] enrapturing billows of thunderous bass-line and an evocative duo of rotational guitars entwine with each other as loosely tied drum skins sinks inside the rims to echo around the ears whilst the unobtrusive vocal melts into the mind.” – Emerging Indie Bands


Orochen @ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4w0aZRQMzWFpqKZIQxAXGh? si=DezZGSC8TGGz1E2oZDHfRQ

Orochen @ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/orochen
Orochen @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orochenmusic
Orochen @ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsMssdjoi0vTuhYzI69u0ow Orochen @ BandCamp: orochen.bandcamp.com


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