Orlando Deathcore outfit Kill The Imposter Release Video For Enemy

Kill-The-Imposter----Promo-Web (1).jpg
Orlando-based Deathcore outfit Kill The Imposter have released the music video for their brutal new single titled “Enemy” online. The track is the second single from Kill The Imposter’s upcoming new album The Pain Never Dies, which is set for a February 17th, 2023 release date via Suburban Noize.
“Establishing the feeling of hurt, betrayal and hate, we put a real old school hardcore tough guy feel to it,” commented frontman Johnny Nobody. “As the song list goes that feeling and thoughts of what this person’s actions brought starts you thinking about something out of a horror movie.”
Kill The Imposter is an Orlando, FL-based metal band that specializes in brutal take-no-prisoners metallic deathcore. The music takes listeners into a terrifying mental head space that you would only find in horror movies, Kill The Imposter mix together a toxic Molotov cocktail of rage, pain, and suffering that strikes a chord in anyone that hears it. The blast beats are relentless and the vocal work of frontman Johnny Nobody takes extreme metal back to the core of its essence. Kill The Imposter is at the forefront of a new wave of brutal Florida death metal that was pioneered by fellow Floridians like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Obituary, and genre pioneers Death.Frontman Johnny Nobody looks like he could give you night-terrors as he is covered from head-to-toe in tattoos, even going as far as tattooing his eyeballs black. He is a world-renowned tattoo artist as a member of the Sullen Art Collective and has tattooed many of today’s WWE superstars.

Johnny Nobody’s visual look and tattoo skills have also allowed him to branch out into the world of reality TV appearing as a cast member of the Amazon Prime series “Watch Beyond the Tattoo”. Nobody is currently in production for his new reality TV series “Nobody Cares”, which has been optioned by a streaming network for release later this fall.