Origin Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence - Album Review
Origin Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence - Album Review9
Origin Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence - Album Review9
Origin Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence - Album Review9
Origin Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence - Album Review9
Origin Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence - Album Review9.1
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Predating the official formation of the colossal Brutal Death Metal monster that is Origin, Abiogenesis – Coming Into Existence was recorded between 1991 and 1996 and boasts never before released tracks, giving a special insight into the creation of this beast. The first 8 tracks are the Abiogenesis half and are the result of the Necrotomy (1990-1991 era) and Thee Abomination (1992-1993 era) followed by the Coming Into Existence section being the remastered version of Origin’s first ever EP from1998. This EP was never available for worldwide release, therefore widely unheard.

This history lesson of Origin is every bit as brutal, unforgiving and unrelenting as anyone would expect. Kicking of with ‘Insanity’ the atmosphere builds with an industrial sounding machine before the utterly destructive vocal of Paul Ryan kicks in (on the Abiogenisis section Mr Ryan recorded vocals, guitars, bass and drums) and the heavily Grind infused Brutal Death Metal begins, with a deep and sinister sounding bottom section, rapid fire drums and then the chugging guitars. We know that this isn’t going to be for the faint of heart.

By the time we hit ‘Autopsied Alive’ we are at full force gravity blast beats, sickening screams blended with deep and guttural vocals and an all-out assault on the guitars before we are welcomed to ‘Spastic Regurgitation’ with its hints of Slam and Groove to mix things up a bit. The vocal is every bit as brutal and the sound is that intense it needs a warning. ‘Murderer’ concludes the Abiogenesis section of the album, and as we are now fully aware the pre-Origin version of Origin was every bit as blunt force as we would expect.

‘Lethal Manipulation The Bone Crusher Chronicles’ officially welcomes us the Origin years and the sound certainly changes as does the recording line up. Now boasting Paul Ryan on guitars & backing vocals, Mark Manning on vocals, Jeremy Turner on guitars & backing vocals, Clint Appelhanz on the bass and George Fluke on the drums, the sound is a fuller attack on the senses as it now has the multi angle approach so you get caught in the cross fire as all instruments, including the deeper vocal are on full attack mode.

The intensity never lets up through the 28 minute album, spanning some 12 tracks, destroying everything in its path on this journey through time and it is very clear why Origin are still so important now in the Brutal scene. This collection is an important collection of music that documents the growth and creation of what is now one of the biggest names in the Brutal Death Metal Scene.


Ed Ford


Track List


  1. Insanity*
  2. Mauled**
  3. Autopsied Alive**
  4. Spastic Regurgitation*
  5. Bleed as Me*
  6. Mind Asylum*
  7. Infestation*
  8. Murderer**

“A Coming Into Existence”

  1. Lethal Mainpulation the bone crusher chronicles***
  2. Sociocide***
  3. Manimal Instincts***
  4. Inner Reflections The Pain from Within***

*Necrotomy (pre-Origin) 1990-91.
**Thee Abomination (pre-Origin) 1992-93.
*** Origin 1997-98.

Origin on-line:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Origin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/originband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/originband/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OriginOfficial

Agonia Records:
ORIGIN line-up:
Paul Ryan – guitar and backing vocals.
John Longstreth – drums.
Mike Flores – bass and backing vocals.
Jason Keyser – lead vocals.
“Abiogenesis” recording line-up:
Paul Ryan – vocals, guitars, bass, drums.
“A Coming Into Existence” recording line-up:
Paul Ryan – guitars, backing vocals.
Mark Manning – vocals.
Jeremy Turner – guitars, backing vocals.
Clint Appelhanz – bass.
George Fluke – drums.

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