Oracle // Novissima // Album Review
Oracle // Novissima // Album Review8
Oracle // Novissima // Album Review8
Oracle // Novissima // Album Review8
Oracle // Novissima // Album Review8
Oracle // Novissima // Album Review8
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Having reviewed the EP Tales of Pythia and been very impressed by what Oracle had produced and watched them live at Bloodstock, I was eager to hear what the Northern Irish band’s debut full-length album would bring.

Opening up with ‘Hypocrisy’, you are immediately struck by the tightness and explosive nature that the band has captured as the quick and choppy guitar scythe away, the drums are providing a rapid-fire beat that you feel pass through you. We then have an aggressive vocal that is powerful and emotional. By the end of the first track, you are already sold on what this album brings to the table.

By the time you hit ‘Novissima Tyranni’ you are suitably warmed up and the chunky riffs have been taking shots, the hooks have been firmly embedded into your ear canal as this Aggressive Metal makes you want to smash something or just let loose in a pit. Then we have some crushing breakdowns to throw into this impressive, ultimately creating a selection of top drawer tracks to release some tensions and throw down.

‘Skies Burn Red’ feels like it has some kind of force that makes your head nod to the changing beat as you grimace and take a power stance for some serious mosh before kicking off the circle pit. This track shows the tightness of the band as the drums pummel away, the guitars provide the waves of sound that the vocal then builds on to create a gloriously aggressive track.

Album closer ‘All Must End’ manages to tick two important boxes for the final track. It makes a statement and makes you want more. Providing some of the more extreme vocals, the speed is really ramped up as the music seeks to destroy whatever is left in its sights, which to be fair won’t be very much.

This 8 track album spans around 35 minutes and is very impressive. The musical talents are very good and the vocal is aggressive, powerful and emotional whilst still being ‘understandable’. Novissima is something that I hope Oracle is very proud of, they have worked hard and this feels like the start of something special. This has the feel of a band who is further along in their career and I am sure will turn many people on to this upcoming band. Anyone who is into Metal should listen to this and then be prepared for Oracle to make some serious waves.

Ed Ford


Novisimma is released on November 1st.


Track List

1.       Hypocrisy

2.       Hollow

3.       Novissima Tyranni

4.       Limos

5.       Sky Burns Red

6.       Serpentine

7.       All-Father

8.       All Must End

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