Ontario metalcore emergent Dead Days have unleashed their debut EP – ‘Doom & Gloom’

(LONDON, ON – JUNE 25TH, 2021) Ontario metalcore emergent Dead Days have unleashed their debut EP.

‘Doom & Gloom’ is out now, on Theoria Records.

The band have also premiered a new music video for “Doom & Gloom”. The title track from the London outfit’s debut EP tackles the hypocrisy and divisive nature of religion; Dead Days spoke exclusively to Metal Insider, to discuss the new material.

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Dead Days Promo 2

Combining resounding breakdowns and mesmerizing riffs, the new debut EP from Ontario’s Dead Days nods to a cross-section of metalcore’s leading lights. Splashes of Invent AnimateKingdom of Giants and ERRA protrude throughout the band’s expansive and ambitious new 3-track, ‘Doom & Gloom’.

Despite the band’s recent inception, respective members have been a part of the Ontario scene for a number of years and bring with them a dexterous and multi-faceted skill-set and range of influences from across heavy music. This year, the Canadian quintet signed to newly formed Theoria Records, for the release of the EP.

‘Doom & Gloom’ is out now; watch the new music video for “Doom & Gloom”.

Dead Days - Doom and Gloom - ART

Dead Days is:
Don Tuer – Vocals
Ty Coker – Guitar/Vocals
Wayne Jefferson – Guitar
Jeff Folkes – Guitar
Adam Linka – Drums

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