UK Post-Hardcorers ONE LAST DAYBREAK recently dropped their ball-busting
debut EP, A Thousand Thoughts, to much acclaim. Now, the emerging emo combo
have revealed a new video for the EP’s namesake, A Thousand Thoughts –

Combining emotive drive with irresistible melodies and an edgy delivery, ONE
LAST DAYBREAK wear their hearts on their sleeves, producing a sound that
neatly melds genres. In taking influence from everyone from My Chemical
Romance and Architects, through to Underoath, the band’s appeal is broad.

Featuring Connor Catchpole on Vocals, Jack Smith on Guitar and Vocals, Matt
Pike on Lead Guitar, James Hicks on Bass, and James Hart on Drums, ONE LAST
DAYBREAK were officially formed at the dawn of the year, but they are
already starting to etch their mark on proceedings. The band’s current EP, A
Thousand Thoughts, is rammed with slamming guitar parts, immense drumming,
and engaging vocal lines that nestle deep into your cranium. The five-some’s
last single, According to Pleasure, I Was Low on the Food Chain, opens the
EP and it’s an engrossing sampler and marker for the shape of things to
come. Another key highlight is the EP’s namesake and new single, A Thousand
Thoughts – .

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