Once Human // Scar Weaver // Album Review


Once Human are back finally! Following up on their 2017 release Evolution and surprisingly is only the band’s third album after the 2015 debut The Life I Remember. 

I say that as it feels that Once Human have been around for a lifetime as they have been everywhere when you turn your head, the imposing figure of Logan Mader and of course the stunningly beautiful Lauren Hart demand your attention and are hard to miss. 

Couple that with a savage, brutal and unforgiving tour de force approach to their songwriting and you have to admit they are quite the surprise package. Scar weaver’s opener sums all of that up in one track, pummelling you from the off with a level of brutality that has to be admired. Hart’s vocals are stellar with the backbone and backline of the band laying down some vicious riffage. All of this going on whilst somehow maintaining a melodic undercurrent that eats at you track after track, no matter how savage this album gets you will always have an earworm working at you, burying itself dead inside your brain until you feel infected!

Once Human are continuing on their upward trajectory with their latest recording, having laid down a powerful foundation with their earlier work, Scar Weaver simply takes it to another level. It has to be said that the production is sublime, allowing each and every track to bloom and envelope you to your core, the glorious brutality of the guitar work tearing at your flesh is simply beautiful as displayed on the albums title track itself, crazy-beautiful nasty guitar sounds that make you want to take a shower after to cleanse yourself. 

It would be so easy to dismiss Once Human at first glance but I feel that Scar Weaver is a huge step forward for the band, as Logan says himself

 “It was not an easy path to reach this point, I’ll tell you that,” “The original masterplan for the band was really passion-project driven. The first two albums, we were still finding our way. Where we’re at now is with a really strong posture and by far the best album we’ve done. Over the years we’ve done a lot of groundwork and some smaller tours, just grinding things out, sometimes even in a DIY fashion. But now we have a legit team around us, the band is firing on all cylinders and everything seems to be lining up this time.”

There will be a lot of music coming at us on the back of the pandemic, but Scar Weaver could well be one of the albums of 2022, time will tell but you have been warned “This album is absolutely bitchin’!”

Scar Weaver arrives this coming Friday, Feb 11th courtesy of earMusic.


Tracklist SCAR WEAVER:

01 Eidolon
02 Deadlock (feat. Robb Flynn (Machine Head))
03 Scar Weaver
04 Bottom Feeder
05 Where The Bones Lie
06 Erasure
07 Deserted
08 We Ride – (COVERSONG / Original Artist: Strapping Young Lad) 09 Cold Arrival
10 Only In Death


Logan Mader Lauren Hart Damien Rainaud Dillon Trollope Max Karon





Website: https://oncehumanofficial.com


Once Human // Scar Weaver // Album Review
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