Old School Heavy Metal Outfit Deadline Talk New Album “Cathedral Point” With Rock ‘N’ Load



 For anyone unfamiliar with Deadline, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here:

We started off as an excuse to teach Baz how to play the bass. Raven our founder and rhythm guitarist was perplexed that Baz had never wanted to learn a musical instrument despite his obsession with heavy metal. A few months prior to that Raven had auditioned to join my thrash metal band, Gunship and after the audition, we got talking and Raven played me some of his riffs which were more based in hard rock than anything else and I suggested he start a band. He used that as the catalyst to get Baz onboard and a few months later we had ourselves a heavy metal band. Initially, it was just supposed to be a fun project but people really got into our live performances and aesthetic and it all just picked up ahead of steam from there. We take our live performances very seriously complete with stage props, 1980’s heavy metal aesthetic, and a lot of passion and energy. We have won four (4) South African Metal Music Awards, played over 100 shows and we are now days away from the release of our second full-length album. Our fans and pretty committed to us and call themselves the Deadline Heavy Metal Crew and strange fact but we are currently South Africa’s only old school heavy metal band. We have branded ourselves as the new wave of South African heavy metal. So far nobody has joined us in our quest.

2) Tell us about what you are currently up to:

Well thanks to the current worldwide pandemic we obviously haven’t been gigging but as I mentioned we are days away from the release of our second album. The first single, ‘Before I Die’ drops on 19 June 2020 and then the following week on 26 June 2020, the album, ‘Cathedral Point’ drops. We are very excited to get this out to everyone. Recording and mixing an album under the current circumstances has been very testing but we are now almost there. The album is being released in two different colour covers and the first 100 CD’s in each colour will be limited edition and individually numbered and signed by the band. So we are currently putting the finishing touches on that and then we plan on streaming the album live on the 27th of June 2020 from a studio in our hometown so that our friends and fans who are starved of live music can catch us from the comfort and warmth of their homes. We will bring out all our props, well the ones that we can get into the studio and it promises to be a wild, energetic night. Tickets for the event can be purchased from Howler on the link


What is next for Deadline?

The plan of action is to now market the album as much as possible and as best as possible under the current conditions. Being a small band that now cannot tour the album, this means working overtime on our online presence. We are also part of the artist line-up for South Africa’s biggest heavy metal festival called ‘Metal4Africa’s Winterfest’. For the first time ever the festival will be streaming online on a platform called Discord. We are not 100% sure if we will be playing a full electric set or doing some unplugged stuff direct from our couches or whether it will be an interactive session with friends and fans but we look forward to being part of this historic event. When all the restrictions are lifted we want to tour the album all over the country but as yet nothing is set in stone. We are taking it day by day. On the music front we have already written four (4) new songs which will feature on the third album. Now is a good a time as ever to keep writing and keep producing material. The world won’t be under lockdown forever. The new stuff is a logical progression from ‘Cathedral Point’ and they are just in the writing phase but already sounding great.


Tell Us About Examples of artists that influenced and inspired Deadline to chase a career in music:

We all have varied music tastes and influences but the music that we all love and share in common is heavy metal in the traditional sense. So old school heavy metal is a massive influence as is hard rock, power metal and thrash metal. The bands who all share in common that have helped pave the Deadline sound are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Metallica, Testament, Kind Diamond, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses and most heavy metal from that era. There is no one single track that stands out. We were brought together by our mutual love for heavy metal. Growing up, we all enjoyed the raw energy and power of heavy metal as well as the attitude that heavy metal possesses. It is unapologetic and in your face back in the 80’s didn’t ask anybody for permission. This is kind of our ethos. We want to revive that era in modern times but we still want to respect the newer genres and fans of heavy metal.




Pretoria-based (South Africa) Old school Heavy Metal Titans DEADLINE is very excited to release their new Single and Lyric Video BEFORE I DIE this Friday 19 June 2020. Their highly anticipated sophomore album Cathedral Point will be released worldwide on all platforms on 26 June via BloodKrieg Records. 

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Pre order your limited-edition copy of CATHEDRAL POINT in Fiery Bloodbeast Red & Yellow or Mysterious Lilith Immortal Purple & Yellow here https://www.deadlinehmc.com/preorder The first 100 CDs (as with their debut release Black Wolf City) will each be individually numbered and signed as a limited-edition release.



To celebrate the release of our sophomore album Cathedral Point on 26 June, DEADLINE will be streaming our launch performance of the entire album (plus some additional songs) on Saturday 27 June from 7pm.

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