Ok Cowgirl Share “Across the Room” Via Flood”

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““Across the Room” transitions with jumpy guitars and rumbling bass into a sashaying kind of waltz as Lavigne gets lost in her memories and new distance between an old lover”

“A heartfelt and tuneful indie rock earworm.”
– Brooklyn Vegan

“One of Brooklyn’s fastest up-and-coming in-demand bands “
– Women That Rock

“Upbeat and harmonious”
– She Makes Music

““Don’t Go” has an upbeat, honeyed tone about it. The song’s dreamy synths bring out a warm and wistful feel, as the band recalls the simple pleasures of time well wasted with loved ones”
– Under the Radar

“A scuzzy indie rock number that shows the Brooklyn-via-Detroit artist bucking toxic beauty standards—and capitalism. ”
– American Songwriter

“Certainly flush with dreamy guitars and floaty synths, there are precisely placed jolts of energy that snap it out of this reverb-driven lull. It’s the lyrical subject matter and Lavigne’s dynamite delivery that really sets the song ablaze, as “Get Gone” packs several punches in its fierce critique of societal standards.”
– Look at My Records

“‘Don’t Go’ is a steady, indie rock beat led by Lavigne’s wistful vocals, with a melodic synth counterpart that expertly combines for a vintage, feel-good type of reminiscence.”
– From the Intercom

“”They share with us the trials and tribulations of profound self-acceptance and the liberations of fearless vulnerability.”
– California Rocker

Brooklyn-based dream rock outfit Ok Cowgirl announce their debut EP and share “Across the Room” via FLOOD. An infectious and explosive indie rock number, “Across the Room” is the first single off of Not My First Rodeo, due out December 8th, and teases out the complexity of emotions induced by crossing paths with an ex.

One of the group’s more sonically dense tracks, the song takes listeners on an emotional and dynamic journey. Chugging along easily at first, the song quickly opens up into dreamy swaths of reverb-drenched lament only to effortlessly crescendo into a grittier sounding form of grief. This teetering between resistance and resignation is mapped onto a cyclical storyline.

“In my experience,” says songwriter and frontwoman Leah Lavigne, “heartbreak does not dissipate with time. Feelings never completely resolve; they may get quieter, but you never know when they’ll grow loud again.” Upbeat and harmonious “Across the Room” will have you bopping along one sunny afternoon, and stopped dead in your tracks another, paralyzed by lyrics all too relatable to anyone who has ever loved and lost. Lavigne’s potent vocals are an invitation into the echo chamber of the heart, where tenderness and bitterness bounce off of eachother in small and large waves; let it wash over you.

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Ok Cowgirl Bio:

The music of indie rock four-piece Ok Cowgirl exists at an intersection of lyric-driven catharsis and dreamy, guitar-centric ecstasy. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Leah Lavigne and backed by Matt Birkenholz on drums, Jase Hottenroth on bass, and Jake Sabinsky on guitar, the Brooklyn-based project draws upon a wealth of experience playing and working in bars, clubs, and DIY spaces across the New York music scene. Ok Cowgirl’s studio output reflects the outfit’s genesis as a live band, crystallizing around instrumental and vocal passages that spurred genuine reactions from crowds past. The end result is a thunderous, triumphant, and ultimately honest blend of lyrical candor and raw electric performance — music that the band describes as “a place for reprieve and release.”

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