UK’s avant-garde heavy unit OHHMS stream new album “Exist” in full via Metal Hammer ; out this Friday on Holy Roar Records!

Britain’s groundbreaking sludge/post-metal unit OHHMS are unveiling their forthcoming second album “Exist” in full today via Metal Hammer’s website. More than a gut-gripping sonic piece, “Exist” is a powerful statement about Animal Rights and pacifism. Check it out in full below!

Frontman Paul Waller unveils the story behind ‘Exist’:It’s been an incredibly creative year for us. After the release of ‘The Fool’ last year the band was so productive I could hardly keep up with them and I felt like I was falling behind lyrically. Then I discovered that just down the road from me, what I initially thought was an army base was in fact a heavily fortified animal research breeding centre. They send their ‘product’ to university’s and medical facilities around the UK and Europe, its standard practice for this massive corporation so I found out. So I did some more research on the company and saw that they had been in the courts recently due to the cruelty they were inflicting on the animals they were breeding and then all of a sudden I had my muse, that spark that lit the fuse that got me writing. Over the period of a week I had reams of paper full of lyrics and ideas.
A few weeks later we had a complete album done, plus as a bonus it was the best stuff we had written thus far. A completely focused 40 minutes of music full of confusion and desperation and anger and rage where each song deals with different aspects of animal conservation and animal rights. I’ve never been this proud about anything I have done before. My flag is now nailed to the mast

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After rising a sonic tempest with their widely praised debut full-length ‘The Fool’ last year, UK’s breakthrough progressive metal act OHHMS keep conquering uncharted territories with their new album ‘Exist’. Wielding the flag of Animal Rights and Conservation as a casus belli against global injustice and ignorance, the Canterbury five piece deliver their deepest, most immersive music piece to date. Over the span of four songs, they prove they are more than great post-metal and doom providers, by crafting a gripping record which backbone subtly calls to mind albums from the finest of 70s prog, such as Pink Floyd, Rush or Genesis.

Initially planned for a 2020 release, sophomore album ‘Exist’ was born earlier as a strong will to bring to the table topics that are dear to the band. They once again sail through the heavy scope and manage to blend all their influences in one massive, down-tuned and melodic piece of Art. Definitely their darkest and catchiest outing ever. ‘Exist’ will be released on November 9th via Holy Roar Records.

Don’t miss OHHMS on their remaining UK shows with Boss Keloid:
10.11.18 – MANCHESTER – Satan’s Hollow
11.11.18 – LONDON – The Boston Music Room

OHHMS New album “Exist”
Out November 9th on Holy Roar Records

Vinyl and CD preorder available here

1. Subjects 23.00
1. Shambles 7.07
2. Calves 6.50
3. Firearms 6.22
Armed with the thickest riffs and fieriest will, OHHMS formed in 2014 in Kent, UK. It didn’t take long for the five-piece to come up with two stellar EPs “Bloom” (2014) and “Cold” (2015), both released on London-based extreme music powerhouse Holy Roar Records. Clocking in at over thirty minutes, each EP unfolds with two monolithic, angst-ridden tracks, blending the down-tuned approach of doom metal with more progressive, eerier landscapes. On top of their distinctive approach in songwriting, vocalist Paul Waller maintains maximum adrenaline levels by alternating deep gravelly singing, warrior bellows and roar-is-war call to arms.

As fearless explorers of the heavy music scope, OHHMS quickly build a strong reputation among the UK’s underground scene, which leads them to play major events such as Desertfest, ArcTanGent, Bloodstock, Damnation, Incubate and many others. Three years after their thunderous beginnings, the band returns in March 2017 with their debut full-length “The Fool” on Holy Roar Records. Widely acclaimed by the press and fans, it is praised as “the real deal” (Metal Hammer), “a ultra-heavy, emotionally-charged debut album” (Kerrang) and “a convincingly heavy magnum opus” (The Quietus), quickly elevating the UK five piece to a whole new level.

True to themselves, OHHMS continue their boundary-free ascension to transcending sonic peaks, while making a point at raising awareness about animal rights and social matters with their unique and cathartic brand of artistry. In 2018, the band announces the release of their second album ‘Exist’, due out November 9th on Holy Roar Records.

Paul Waller – Vocals
Max Newton – Drums
Chainy Rabbit – Bass
Marc Prentice – Guitar
Stuart Day – Guitar

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