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Over the last year, Of Mice & Men have put out a range of EP’s all of an incredibly high quality. Each of these EPs have accumulated into the latest release from the band, Echo. Featuring the 9 songs of the last three EPs (Timeless, Bloom and the most recent of all, Echo) as well as another track, Helplessly Hoping. To avoid tackling the older of the EPs, I’m going to jump in from the latest tracks off the Echo EP/Album.

The first of these tracks is Mosaic that instantly hits riff an almost Slipknot sounding Nu-Metal riff and pounding instrumentals alongside the phenomenal vocal performance from Aaron Pauley as well as ending on an utterly filthy breakdown. Up next is Fighting Gravity, an electronic lead opens the track before a catchy, hook filled chorus that shows off the bands song writing ability alongside Pauley’s clean vocals. Despite this being one of the more simplistically structured tracks, the catchiness of it is undisputable.

The title track Echo brings chunky riffs, filthy groove and yet more catchy hooks into the mix while sounding unique enough against everything that came before to truly stand out as the title track of the entire project. Finally we have Helplessly Hoping, an orchestral opening flooded my headphones before a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance creates an atmosphere of loss and melancholy while retaining hopefulness despite the hardships that come from in the song. A beautiful ending to the album.

All in all, Echo is a truly brilliant piece of work. From the crushing riffs of Levee, to the amazing quality of song writing in the likes of Timeless, Bloom and Mosaic, everything feels like it belongs, every note feels truly thought out and the bands approach to releasing a series of EPs has obviously helped them hone their song writing process. Of Mice & Men have released a truly outstanding piece of work, and it deserves every moment of your time that it needs.

The full Echo album track listing is below. Get the album here.via Sharptone Records

Review: Daniel Stapleton


“Pulling Teeth”
“Fighting Gravity”
“Helplessly Hoping”

“Fighting Gravity”
“Helplessly Hoping”

At its best, heavy music produces songs of escape and catharsis. Few bands demonstrate this ethos as powerfully as Of Mice & Men, the multifaceted metalcore machine whose mission is to make the soundtrack for every heartbreak, melancholic rumination, and moment of triumph. It’s a potent and perfect storm of elements. A bombastic and uplifting roar familiar to fans of Linkin Park; a layered crunch akin to the Deftones; thrashing old school riffage a la Slayer and Exodus; the sensual atmosphere of Sade or Radiohead; swirled into a singular sound uniquely OM&M.

Across a half-dozen studio albums, the group’s combination of crowd-moving breakdowns, staccato rhythms, and soaring melodic vocals bridged the gap from the underground to the world at large. Their songs catapulted them onto massive tours with Linkin Park and Rise Against (2015); Slipknot (2016); and Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames (2017).

At every turn, no matter what obstacles presented themselves, the four men at the Of Mice & Men core since 2016 never lost sight of the strength of their connection to the audience or each other. They refocused and persevered at every turn, delivering massive anthems that work in the most intimate of punk clubs, the biggest of European festivals, and American rock radio formats alike. It’s all about the songs themselves and what they mean to people at the end of the day. The music of Of Mice & Men begins as something deeply personal shared among the quartet. Once they’re turned loose, they take on new meaning, adding to the soundtrack of people’s lives.

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