Of Mice & Men // EARTHANDSKY // Album Review

After an insanely successful run of festival performances across Europe, 4 singles that have all went down exceptionally well with fans and an intimate show at The Underworld Camden, Of Mice and Men, are at the top of their game just before the release of their 6th studio album EARTHANDSKY.

Starting out the album is Gravedancer. Beginning with an instrumental that would fit perfectly within any number of melodic metal albums before the main instruments kick in. With an opening riff that feels like a right hook to the jaw, Gravedancer sets the sound for the album perfectly. Track 2, As We Suffocate, follows a similar style, but with more of a tech-metal influence to be found within the vocals and instruments.

Track 3, Taste of Regret, blends chuggy Metalcore and clean vocals with Death-Metal-esc harsh vocals and riffs to carry the song through, this can especially be found within the drum work. Mushroom Cloud is up next and is just pure, unadulterated aggression. Track 5, Pieces, is one of the more familiar-sounding songs on the release. Blending the sounds of both the band’s Self-titled album (2010) and Restoring Force (2014) while bringing in elements of everything that came before it in this album too.

The Deceiver is up next, and without a doubt, is one of the album’s highlights. Alongside the riffs, drums, and bass that carry the song so well, listeners are treated to an incredibly strong vocal performance. The title track, Earth and Sky, is the next track and can be described as simply early 2000’s Metalcore meets Thrash. Tracks 8 and 9, The Mountain and Meltdown, sound the most like Of Mice & Men’s early work, with a good blend of cleans and harsh vocals, heavy breakdowns, and melodic instrumentals.

Track 10, Linger, is the most mainstream sounding song on the release. With yet another incredible vocal performance, the music accompanying sounds like a large amount of modern Metalcore. Finally, we come to the last track of the album, How to Survive. This song can be summed up as new age Nu-Metal, while bringing in a level of anger in the harsh vocals, a fantastic guitar solo and groove-filled basslines. A brilliant closing track.

EARTHANDSKY feels like a natural progression for Of Mice & Men, showing just how far they’ve come as musicians in the last 9 years while keeping true to the sound that made them a massive part of a lot of younger metal fans lives too. From the moment the album starts till the last second of the closing track I found myself getting lost within the release thanks to the amazing performances that can be found throughout, the blending of genres and unrelenting aggression. If you’re a metal fan this album is , without a doubt, a must-hear.

Daniel Stapleton

Of Mice & Men release their sixth album EARTHANDSKY out on 27th September via Rise Records. The album is available for pre-order HERE

As We Suffocate
Taste Of Regret
Mushroom Cloud
Earth & Sky
The Mountain
How To Survive


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