Powerful UK Hardcore Crew Drop New Single

Hitting you with a diverse background of punk, metal, rock and hardcore, and
gathering influences from everyone from Black Flag, Slipknot and Parkway
Drive, Brit hardcorers, OF LEGIONS, are a towering, raw, and formidable
group. Formed in 2015 in Stoke, the birthplace of Lemmy and childhood home
of Slash, OF LEGIONS’ music can be described as loud, raucous and chaotic.
The band have just dropped their riveting new single, Vision Of Misery,
featuring Loathe’s Kadeem France. Watch the video for the track, here –

OF LEGIONS have been busy since their inception and, to date, have crafted
two EPs and a debut album, Face Value, which garnered strong support from
Moshville, New Noise Magazine, Maximum Volume Music, and Pure Grain Audio.
The foursome have also amassed quite a following and have now shared stages
with the likes of Silent Screams, Liferuiner, Martyr Defiled, Continents,
Brokencyde, and more recently with Sikth and Loathe. 2018 has been their
busiest year yet with the release of their debut album.

Playing show after show, up and down the country, the energetic quartet have
certainly honed their craft and gathered momentum for their new single,
Vision of Misery. The new track is fast-paced, hard hitting, and aggressive,
and lyrically reflects rather heavily on relatable modern social aspects.
Influenced more specifically by While She Sleeps, Slipknot, Malevolence, and
The Fever 333, the single highlights the crew’s knack for delivering catchy
guitar driven riffs, technical drum fills and heavy bass lines which, as
Guitarist Sam relays: ‘combine to make an intense bombardment to the
senses’. These hardcorers aren’t taking a break either. The Midlanders won’t
stop writing and are aiming for more releases around the corner in 2019.
Stay tuned and watch them rise above the rest.

www.facebook.com/OfLegions/     www.instagram.com/of_legions_uk/

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