Norwegian post hardcore group Of Grace And Hatred have recently revealed a new song off their forthcoming debut full length “Toxic Vows”.

Titled “Demonic Courtesy”, this new track has premiered at Svbterranean, who commented “The frenetic, shape-shifting effortlessly walks the line between dizzying hardcore à la Every Time I Die and the emotional passages of Touché Amoré. Couple that with brash vocals in the vein of The Blood Brothers and you’ve got quite the jam on your hands.”

Listen to “Demonic Courtesy” here.

If you missed it, leading single “For Those Against The Flood Pt. 2” is still playing at this location.

Produced by Turbonegro’s Tommy Akerholdt“Toxic Vows” follows up the band’s 2011 second EP “Classic Hymns” and is set for release on November 16th.

After forming in 2008, the Norwegian hardcore band Of Grace And Hatred released their first EP Cadavers in 2010. In the following year a new EP titled Classic Hymns was released and really placed the band on the map as one of the most raw-sounding and aggressive bands in Norway. With edgy rhythms and melodic, high octane guitar riffs, these guys are pushing the laws of nature.

Of Grace And Hatred features Bjarte Haugland formerly of hardcore band Social Suicide on guitar, Anders Mathiesen on vocals, Mathias Simonsen on drums and Henrik Kilvær on bass. Produced by Turbonegro’s Tommy Akerholdt, Toxic Vows is the perfect audio therapy for fans of Converge, The Locust, The Armed and Daughters, but shows no respect for eardrums or conformity.

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