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The brand new representation of the talent, uniqueness and progressiveness in terms of creating impressive and capturing music that British metalcore quintet October Ends undeniably has managed to associate itself with in the past is here, in the form of the band’s highly anticipated, new single – “Devil’s Den”! Launching a completely new chapter in its evolution, October Ends presents an immersive overall product, which presents “Devil’s Den” as the perfect example of the quintet’s polished progressive brand of modern metal, with its explosive, vigorous and capped off by a beautiful climax composition. “Devil’s Den”masterfully creates pounding build-up to emerging and memorable refrains through chaotic riffage that practically battles tortured, but exuberant vocals, and rhythmically complex breakdowns with a slew of time signature changes, which segue smoothly into a dual vocal performance that feels appropriately anthemic, without sullying the intensity of the single’s dynamic, by channeling both soaring melodies and emotion. Completed by a tasteful, constantly present hint of ambiance and noticeable atmosphere, outlined by the accompanying visual, “Devil’s Den” is, surely, not only a product that will establish October Ends’ reputation as one of the most promising artists in the modern alternative scene nowadays, but it will extend the reach of the band’s influence even further as well.

Watch the video for “Devil’s Den” by clicking on the image below.
Providing further information about the meaning and the missive behind “Devil’s Den”, October Ends collectively adds: “This is a song about being in a situation that you’re trying to escape from. Throughout the track, there are scenarios that try to change the perspective of yourself. A lot of people feel like there’s only one way to resolve a situation they’re in, usually going for the easy way out. In this case, we’re trying to explore different paths to become the person who we really want to be. Being trapped in the den is like being in a constant loop trying to face your inner demons and try to show to people that there is always a way to dissolve their troubles. We hope that people can connect to the lyrics within this song and find their true self.”

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