Oceans // The Sun And The Cold // Album Review
Oceans // The Sun And The Cold // Album Review 8
Oceans // The Sun And The Cold // Album Review 8
Oceans // The Sun And The Cold // Album Review 8
Oceans // The Sun And The Cold // Album Review 8
Oceans // The Sun And The Cold // Album Review 8
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With the amazing run of albums we had over 2019, it’s finally time to look towards 2020 and the releases to start off this new decade. The first of those for me is the upcoming album from German Death Metal 4-piece Oceans. After a fantastic run with their initial EP’s, fans have been eagerly awaiting the first full-length release, The Sun And The Cold, and luckily for them, the wait is almost over. 

To start the album, we have the title track The Sun And The Cold. Within the first song, alone listeners are shown exactly what Oceans are about. With Elements of Symphonic Metal, Death Metal and Nu-Metal all blending together seamlessly to create this heavy yet ominous sound. When the vocals kick in though we can hear a Post-Rock influence too that separates the band from the usual Metal Crowd with a unique touch often not found in the genre. We Are The Storm follows a similar style, with more emphasis on the Post-Rock than Metal sound while track three effortlessly blends classic Black Metal with 90’s Metalcore to create yet another unique sounding song.

Track 4, Paralyzed, has to be my favourite song off the entire album. Focusing more on the Post-Rock sound the band have perfected and mixing in sections that remind me of Black glaze to create an audio experience that is almost hypnotic to listen to. Take My Crown is the first track I found myself not able to enjoy completely, finding the song a bit too generic considering the uniqueness and quality of everything that came before. The following track, Shadows, is a much better example of the same sound.  Legions Arise is up next and focuses more on the Post-Rock sound while having an almost Studio-Rock Anthem as a chorus. Track 8, Polaris, is one of the albums highest points though, dropping almost every hint of Metal and focusing almost entirely on the atmospheric abilities of the band’s instruments with haunting vocal lines and is without question a must-hear track. 

Unfortunately, tracks 9 and 10 I felt were just weaker versions of everything that came before. While the songs aren’t bad by any means, they just don’t stand out compared to everything else on the album. Track 11, Hope, is a different story though. To close out the album, we have a song that I feel perfectly encapsulates everything that makes this album such a unique being in the realm of metal, bringing elements of everything that came before to make a song that feels more like a journey and an experience than just another song and is a perfect close to the album.

Oceans are a unique band to say the least, and it definitely makes them stand out from the crowd within an increasingly saturated genre. The Sun And The Cold is an ambitious debut album that despite not always, hitting the mark, shows perfectly the creativity and passion within the four members. Featuring fantastic performances from each member of the band and showcasing an impressive range of sounds and styles, I can recommend this album without hesitation. my only complaint I would say is the, albeit only slightly, weaker second half which does let the release down.


The Sun And The Cold is released Jan 10th Via Nuclear Blast Records.


Review: Daniel Stapleton



1. The Sun And The Cold 5:34

2. We Are The Storm 6:01
3. Dark 4:23
4. Paralyzed 5:25

5. Take The Crown 3:32

6. Shadows 4:01
7. Legions Arise 3:45
8. Polaris 4:32

9. Truth Served Force Fed 4:34

10. Water Rising 3:34
11. Hope 4:19


Timo Rotten | vocals, guitar

Patrick Zarske | guitar

Thomas Winkelmann | bass

J.F. Grill | drums

OCEANS online:






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