Indiana-based alternative indie pop band Oceanlux have released a new single, titled “Hurt Me Harder,” available NOW on all digital platforms. Released with a simultaneous music video, “Hurt Me Harder” maintains a bouncy pop beat, paired with introspective lyrics and a colorful visual. The music video is perhaps the best representation of who Oceanlux is; the vibrant setting is the perfect contrast to the song’s theme, a signature divergence in Oceanlux’s music. Their familiar elements of modern electronic music are still present, but “Hurt Me Harder”‘s blood runs just a bit deeper, showing an impressive amount of maturity in the duo’s songwriting. About their new music, Oceanlux states:
“As a band we try to appeal to the listener with our interpretation of pop music. Danceable, catchy and fun while trying to bring more substance on a lyrical level. We aren’t trying to show off and be great musicians. We are trying to be great song writers.”
Midwestern natives Oceanlux, are an Indie Pop duo formed in Indiana by vocalist Daisy Draper and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Weaver. Eccentric and captivating, they combine pulsating beats and melancholy lyrics. They hold nothing back describing heartache, sex, and self-turmoil all while maintaining upbeat and unforgettable melodies. “Hurt Me Harder” is available NOW on all digital platforms. Watch the music video HERE.

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