Greek tech metal group Obzerv have just unveiled the third single off their long awaited second album “Acherontia Atropos”, which is set for release on April 5th.

Titled “Apex Predator”, this new track is now playing at Everything Is Noise who commented “Apex Predator” is based on a very melodic riff that sounds slightly melo-death influenced. The riff is surrounded by blast beats and a chugging bridge that instantly reminds of bands like Textures. “Apex Predator” is rather limited in its elements, but cleverly and effectively uses them to bring in a cohesive and interesting structure. The intriguing melody work turns out to be the heart of the song, and the compelling time signature changes around two minutes in the song make for a fascinating rhythmical experience.

Listen to “Apex Predator” here.

If you missed it, you can still listen to first two singles “Agitated” and “Plot Twist” at this location.

Recorded by guitarist Giannis Leledakis at 8 Production Studio, mixed by guitarist John Mor (John Mor Productions) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Machine Head, Papa Roach etc…), the second album from Obzerv is a tapestry of voracious imagination and skilled aptitude taking the listener into the recesses of dark apocalyptic landscapes and tenebrific narratives echoing the modern world and any haunting nightmares it breeds. “Acherontia atropos” aligns crushing riffs and esurient chords with melodic temptation and ferocious yet precise rhythms. Yet that in itself is only the lining to an even more complex and rich exploration, one death drenched and emotionally twisted. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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