OAR – Australia Post-Black Metal Collective Announce New Album “The Blood You Crave”

Sydney-based post-black metal collective OAR have announced the release of their debut full-length album “The Blood You Crave”, due out on January 7th via Blighttown Records and Hammer of Exile.

The leading single and title track is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who commented “OAR quickly grabbed me by their own their right with their powerful and melancholic vision of doom… It blends together glacial riffs and all-consuming vocals, creating a caustic and oppressive formula that is certainly not easy to stomach. Head on down below for your first plunge.”

Listen to “The Blood You Crave” here.

With a resume that includes past and present stints in a wide and varied selection of bands like Eleventh He Reaches LondonFutility, Illimitable DolorLycanthiaSleepmakeswaves and Tucker B’s, OAR ‘s band members absorbed all these influences to craft an album that explores such wide-raging genres as post-black metal, doom and even hardcore.

Recorded and mixed by Ben Worsey at Everland Studios in Sydney, the follow-up to 2018’s EP “Sect Burner” shows the band’s evolution from its early lo-fi blackgaze approach to full frequency post-black metal, unleashing the songs on “The Blood You Crave” at their true intensity. Pre-orders will be available at this location.

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