NYC Singer-Songwriter David D’Alessio “Crazy Love” New Single from New EP This Far Apart Out September 24, 2021

NYC Singer-Songwriter
David D’Alessio
“Crazy Love”
New Single from New EP This Far Apart
Out September 24, 2021


(New York, NY – August 19th, 2021) Love has always been compared to a powerful drug. Psychologist JoAnn Deak once stated “romantic love is not an emotion, it’s a drive.” NYC-based singer-songwriter David D’Alessio conveys these sentiments in his upcoming single “Crazy Love,” from his new EP, This Far Apart, that comes out this fall. The mellow ballad tells the story of detaching from a dysfunctional relationship fraught with dizzying highs and plummeting lows. D’Alessio shares a personal yet universal story in his latest single “Crazy Love,” set to be released on August 20, 2021.

The process of creating music has always been cathartic for the Hawaiian-born D’Alessio. Drawing inspiration from life’s more subtle and traumatic experiences, the Manhattanite turns pivotal moments into melodies. With his previous singles “Before Tonight” and “Throw Yourself in Front of It” showcasing the songwriter’s storytelling capability, D’Alessio delivers his most intimate track to date.

Check out the new single by David D’Alessio, “Crazy Love,” out on all streaming platforms on August 20, 2021. Look out for the artist’s new EP, This Far Apart, out September 24, 2021.

On November 17th, 2021, at 7:00 PM, catch David D’Alessio performing live at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, Stage 3. For more info:

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More About David D’Alessio
Singer-songwriter David D’Alessio is working towards providing a unique perspective within the current modern pop scene. After previously releasing his sophomore album, Some Girls in 2011, the Hawaii-born now Manhattanite draws on his life experiences as well as musical inspirations such as Leonard Cole and Ed Sheeran. Despite the passing of his longtime producer, Felix McTeigue (Florida Georgia Line), D’Alessio’s new EP This Far Apart, releasing in fall 2021, serves as an open love letter to his wife and daughter, with tracks “Throw Yourself In Front of It,”  “Before Tonight,” and “Everything We Want.”
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