NYC Rock ‘n Roll Band STREETWISE Releases New Single “Dream Girl”

NYC Rock ‘n Roll Band
Releases New Single
“Dream Girl”

Band led by Brooklyn-born musician Raymond Castronovo, set to release debut album, Crossing Bridges, on 3-26-21.
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(New York, NY – Feb. 25, 2021) Often plans and dreams get disrupted by reality, sometimes permanently. When the opportunity to continue pursuing your dream presents itself, you take it.  Raymond Castronovo did just that, 30 years after putting his music career on the backburner. After raising a family and building a successful construction business, the Brooklyn-born artist brought together a group of talented NY musicians to create the band Streetwise. The group gives 50’s style rock ‘n roll a modern twist, with their newest single, Dream Girl, released today from their debut album Crossing Bridges, due out March 26th on DayQuest Records.

The guitar-driven love song was written by Castronovo and recorded in his self-built studio in Riverhead, NY. The musicians on the track include Joe Martinez (Chubby Checker, Irene Cara) on bass, Paul Glazer on lead guitar, and Carl Obrig on saxophone.

With his new band, debut album and own record label, DayQuest Records, Castronovo is ready to spread his music across the globe. Check out the new Streetwise single, “Dream Girl,” out now, and their debut album, Crossing Bridges, coming out on March 26th.

For More Information:
Crossing Bridges Track List:
  1. 15 K
  2. Low Tide
  3. Fighting The Dragon
  4. Body Motion
  5. Boxed in Blues
  6. Shake it
  7. Live for the Moment
  8. Cute
  9. Dream Girl
  10. A Better Place
More About Ray Castronovo
Raymond Castronovo, a lifelong singer, songwriter and guitarist, formed Streetwise in 2019. He brought together a group of professional musicians who come from diverse musical backgrounds. Each member has performed everything from Dixieland jazz to rock, soul, funk, reggae, blues and country.

While growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Raymond discovered at a young age that playing the guitar, writing music and performing at local venues provided an escape from reality for both himself and his audience. His natural gift for connecting with the audience caught the attention of a major record label and they offered him a contract. On the brink of signing with the label, the young artist had to put his music dreams on hold to focus on starting a family. He continued writing and sharing his music with his close circle of family and friends, knowing he would someday return to music full-time. Today, he is picking up where he left off, getting set to release his debut album, Crossing Bridges, this spring.

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