Indie-rock songstress Cat Dail assembles a Grammy winning lineup to communicate an important message with her new earworm “Red Pill”
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NYC based vocalist and songwriter Cat Dail hasn’t let the doldrums of 2020 slow her down. In fact, she’s released some of her best work yet with new single “Red Pill” – an indie rock punch in the gut with a timely and important message. Produced by Clark Gayton (Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen), this star studded track is a sonic delight, evoking a 90’s alternative indie rock vibe mixed with a radio friendly rock-pop style that highlights the strengths of the incredible lineup of musicians on the song. Cat’s vocal performance is soaring, spirited and inspirational – driving home a message of hope and awareness in a world awash in racism and misogyny.
A standout performance from the Grammy winning horn section comprised of Clark Gayton (trombone), Barry Danielian (trumpet) and Craig Dreyer (sax) is paired with badass riffs courtesy of tour de force guitarist Scott Sharrard (Allman Brothers) and bassist Andy Hess (Gov’t Mule). Grammy winning drummer Shawn Pelton (Sheryl Crow) and Rhodes wizard Ben Stivers (Chris Botti) provide a lush, textured base for the intensely catchy topline.

“The mission was to tell a tale parallel to our current political and civic reality. It insists that the listener ask themselves, ‘where are we going’, while noting the importance of taking the ‘red pill’ and waking up to the dark reality that our country is virtually awash with white supremacy, rampant misogyny, and a sense of divisiveness and indifference towards the world as a whole.” – Cat Dail

Important to the message of the song; every aspect of “Red Pill” is guided by the creative voices of BIPOC. The upcoming music video is directed by notable African American PBS and ESPN documentarian Gordon Skinner of Reframe Media, with the song itself slated to appear in the indie film of the same name later this year – written & directed by multi award-winning African American director Tonya Pinkins (who also contributed lyrics).
Expect more music from Cat Dail throughout the year, including an album of remixes by Grammy nominated bassist and producer Stu Brooks (Dub Trio).
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