NY Alternative Rock Band Brookline Release New Music Video For Single “Sinking”
NY, USA | MARCH 5TH, 2019 – NY-based alternative rock band Brookline have released a new music video for their single “Sinking,” out NOW. The singles comes off of their brand new EP “Fade,” just released in February. “Sinking” sings an emotional narrative, touching upon themes of heartbreak and addiction. “Sinking” is perhaps the best representation of the EP as a whole; elements of hard rock and pop punk are meshed together in the track, creating a unique blend that hints at influences of 90’s alternative. The remaining EP tracks continue on a sentimental path, telling a full story centralized around the theme of toxicity. The music video is a clear representation of Brookline’s goal to tell a meaningful story. About “Sinking,” the band states:
“Sinking” is the 2nd single off of Brookline’s Fade EP and tells the story of a relationship torn apart by addiction. The chorus hook “like a ship at sea you’re sinking, and I can’t be your lighthouse beacon” embodies the theme of the song; that although this person clearly needs help, their partner can no longer handle being subjected to their self destructive behavior and has to leave for their own good. 
A five piece alternative rock band from upstate New York, Brookline features Mikey Pace (guitar), Dae Bennett (guitar), Matt Spinner (bass), Chris Fox (drums), and Tommy Carter (vocals). Formed in 2018, the group has mixed influence from pop punk and emo to post-hardcore and 90’s alternative rock. In late 2018, they announced the upcoming release of their second EP “Fade,” recorded with Jake Mannix of Indigo Audio Co. “Fade” shows a large amount of growth in musicianship as well as lyrical content from the groups earlier work. Touching on personal experiences of heartbreak, and the struggles of drug/alcohol abuse, “Fade” uses a combination of explosive hard rock, melodic emo, and alternative influence to express these themes to their listeners. Their new EP “Fade” is out NOW. You can watch the music video for “Sinking” HERE.
WATCH: “Sinking” music video (YouTube)
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