Norwegian post-prog trio Dim Gray release debut album

Oslo-based art-rockers Dim Gray are set to release the 52-minute debut album Flown Friday 12 June.

Dim Gray have released three singles and a live video so far this spring, and their fourth single “Ouroboros” is due 29 May. The band intends to celebrate the album release with a live streamed show.

Flown is a post-progressive journey in which the songs intertwine to form more than the sum of their parts. Structured like one continuous story, the album tells a vivid tale of loss and loneliness that twists and turns. Quiet, intimate moments are contrasted by sections of massive soundscapes containing varied and colourful instrumentation. Rooted in the near-constants of aching vocals and trembling guitars, the album weaves its way from strings-infused chamber pop through dark indie folk into grandiose art rock. Flown is an ambitious and distinct musical statement that evokes a blend of Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Susanne Sundfør, Steven Wilson and Sigur Rós.

“A gorgeous ballad featuring an industrial and evocative soundscape.” – NPS Music about “Light Anew

“A splendid little piece…  an exquisite baroque pop song.” – disharmoni about “Again

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