Norwegian metalcore pioneers ATENA showcase versatility and innovation with the release of their new studio Album “Subway Anthem”


Norwegian metalcore pioneers ATENA showcase versatility and innovation with the release of their new studio Album “Subway Anthem”!

ATENA is back with a new studio album, “Subway Anthem”, solidifying their position as frontrunners in the metalcore genre, with their relentless fusion of heavy guitars, electronic samples, and hip-hop influences.

Mixed and mastered by the highly acclaimed Swedish producer Henrik Udd, known for his work with some of the industry’s biggest names (Bring Me The Horizon, Arichitects..), “Subway Anthem” breathes new life into ATENA’s sound.
Drawing inspiration from classic metalcore, the band adds a modern touch, resulting in a fresh sonic experience. This album represents a significant step forward in the evolution of ATENA, a band that has always embraced versatility and constantly seeks to surprise their audience.

“We’ve had a lot of fun making this album,” ATENA shares; 
“Every aspect of the writing and recording process will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We sincerely hope that fans find the album as entertaining as it was for us to produce. The theme of the record explores addiction and the yearning for a more meaningful life. Through our work on these songs, we discovered that very meaning, and we thank everyone that listens for being a part of this small portion of our lives. 
We wish them all a great day and all the joy that accompanies a fulfilling existence.” 

ATENA’s ability to seamlessly intertwine powerful themes and lyrics that delves into struggles faced by the new generation today, demonstrates their unwavering commitment to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories.

In addition to the upcoming album release, ATENA is gearing up for a thrilling fall 2023 tour, bringing their electrifying energy to the live scene.

About ATENA:
Formed in Norway, ATENA has emerged as one of the most notable and experimental metalcore acts in the country. With their fusion of classic metalcore and urban soundscape, the band addresses the challenges faced by new generations. Combining heavy guitars, electronic samples, and hip-hop influences, ATENA’s music explores darker episodes of life while drawing inspiration from classical composers.

With four successful albums under their belt, ATENA has become one of the frontrunners of Norwegian metalcore. Their music seamlessly combines heavy guitars, electronic samples, and hip-hop influences, resulting in a unique and unforgettable sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from classical composers, hip hop, and a passion for heavy music, ATENA crafts songs that explore darker episodes of life, creating a captivating and introspective journey for their listeners.

ATENA’s previous album, “Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled with Water,” received critical acclaim both domestically and internationally.
Metal Hammer UK applauded the band’s boundary-pushing approach, while Norway’s leading newspaper, Dagbladet, praised them as an exotic presence in the country’s metal scene.

Vebjørn Iversen – Guitar
Jakob Skogli – Vocals
Ulrik Linstad – Bass
Fredrik Kåsin – Drums

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