Northern Genocide to release debut album Genesis Vol. 666, first single out today!

Promo pic by Nino Hynninen
Northern Genocide is a mixture of aggressive guitar riffs and unequalled electronic
elements. The industrial and modern metal tracks tell the story of our faulty society
and the impending apocalypse. ”Genesis vol. 666” is the debut album of this rising
Finnish band and it is released in August 30th 2019 by Inverse Records.
First single “Ikiruoste” from the upcoming album is released today and video can be seen here:
Lead guitarist Pyry Pohjanpalo comments:
“Ikiruoste is the first single, and the only one band has written in Finnish, released from the upcoming album Genesis vol.666. It’s about the grim arrival of the final Nuclear Winter.”
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Tommi Salonen (vocals)
Pyry Pohjanpalo (lead guitar)
Markku Tuuri (drums)
Jussi Pulliainen (bass)
Rainer Pekkinen (producer)







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