Swiss singer Anna Murphy shares vocal duties with Chechu Nos in a tune that shows the most Metal side of North of South‘s upcoming EP “The Dogma and The Outsider”, due for release this autumn via WormHoleDeath.

Considered as one of the most exciting surprises of the European Progressive Metal scene in recent years, North of South strike again with a new track, “We Refused to Hear Them” (It’s Our Song)”.

This new single emphasizes the collective soul of Chechu Nos’ individual project featuring one of the most impressive voices of the metal scene: Anna Murphy, worldwide acclaimed for her past work in Eluveitie and her current band, Cellar Darling.

Chechu Nos stated:

“North of South is a many-sided entity. And now it was time to ‘step on the gas’. In any case, together with its uptempo vibe, “We Refused to Hear Them (It’s Our Song)” reunites many of the recognizable elements in my music, like melodic heavy guitars, a colorful mix of clean and scream vocals, some piano presence, dynamic rhythm changes and a deliberate focus on Fusion Metal. Additionally, Anna’s performance is simply flawless and magical”.

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Macedonian film director -currently based in Sydney, Australia- Hristijan Konesky has worked again with Nos in a very cinematographic music video with some ecologist references and an epic and motivating ending.

Anna Murphy‘s guest appearance takes one step further the line of work opened by North of South’s previous single release, “Ember Remains”, which included a stunning vocal performance by Israeli legend Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land).

Both new tracks lay the foundations for their forthcoming EP, “The Dogma and The Outsider”, an ambitious release that will contain more than half an hour of North of South’s revolutionary formula of Metal with drops of Jazz, Pop and Latin Music.


Officially founded in 2017 and based in the historic city of León, NORTH OF SOUTH is Chechu Nos’ solo project, in which he plays every instrument and role to give shape to a fascinating and groundbreaking mixture of Prog, Extreme Metal, Jazz, Pop and Latin/Flamenco. Their debut album, “New Latitudes” (Rockshots Records, 2018), was the starting point on a journey towards innovation, experimenting and daring to move beyond the frontiers of conventional metal. Besides enthusiastic reviews, the positive reception has been boosted by achievements like the almost 100.000 views that sum up the first two official NORTH OF SOUTH’s videos, “The Human Equation” and “Nobody Knows”. Similarly, the band gained the attention of Spotify’s curators, who in October included NoS in the “New Blood” Official Playlist, dedicated to new talents in Metal. The wide diversity of influences found by the press in NORTH OF SOUTH’s music indicates the heterogeneity of this personal work, with references to assorted artists like Carlos Santana, Annihilator, Opeth, Placebo, The Mars Volta, Evergrey, In Flames, Caligula’s Horse, Wim Mertens, Anathema, Symphony X, The Police and Devin Townsend, among others. Now, “The Dogma and the Outsider” (WormHoleDeath, 2019) will double down on “New Latitudes” formula, taking every element one step further: more heaviness, more melody, more sophistication and, for sure, more Hispanic sounds. The EP includes six new original tracks and two metallized cover versions of relevant 80’s and 90’s Pop artists, which show a unique approach to mainstream universe from the darkest and hardest side of music. Following the path opened by the previous album, “The dogma and the outsider” has been recorded at Zoilo Unreal’s studios (Marín, Spain), a consolidated name on the Spanish extreme metal scene, involved in bands like Unreal Overflows, The Anthagonist and Unhuman Nature.                                               


North of South is a different kind of Metal

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