Daemon Grimm is back with a furious new single & video that should probably be the soundtrack to your next bar fight!

Daemon Grimm, originally formed in 2016, is back in the spotlight with their new single “Big Bad Daze“. Owing as much to bands like Deftones and Breaking Benjamin as it does to heavier acts like In Flames and Gojira; this single showcases the bands unique ability to keep it grimy while never losing sight of mainstream production values and composition.

“Big Bad Daze” is a powerful new tune in the band’s arsenal – and the title track of their next EP. Shot and edited by P Dollaz, the performance video goes full bore with Jake Walker on vocals, Brandon Landy on guitar, Nick Moore on bass, and Brock Champange on drums.

The band has this to say about the single-

“Lyrically [it’s] about having a good time to forget the bad times. It’s about coping with your pain by just getting trashed and out of your mind to try to just stop your brain and thoughts, and catch a break from everything bringing you down. It’s about becoming friends with your demons rather than trying to defeat them. In a way, it’s about giving up and saying fuck it all. Lying to yourself by crowding yourself with distractions instead of solutions. It’s about living in your own personal hell that you allowed to consume your life.”

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Watch “Big Bad Daze” Here

The grimy black ‘n’ white footage of the band ferociously performing the song are interspersed with jarring color shifts that utilize the bands signature neon green color palette. Scenes of heavy drinking and drugging are intercut with the intense live show, which mirror the raw song lyrics about obliterating the bad times in life by getting wasted – but, in a vicious cycle, wasting your life away by getting smashed and high.

If you’re like us and appreciate a band that plays music heavy enough for a Neanderthal but clever & catchy enough for the most sophisticated metalhead, Daemon Grimm is an outfit you should keep your eye on!




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