We checked in with Brit metalers NOCTURNE WULF and we asked the guys for five choice cuts that have helped to shape their sound:

“Exodus – ‘Blacklist’ (Bob – Vocals)

I love it because it’s an angry f*cking song.

Pantera – ‘Herecy’ (Scott – Drums)

Vinnie Paul plays some really fast thrashy drums on Heresy. Not only is there thrash drums but there’s some fantastic groove and accented parts too. This song’s drumming style is something I’ve wanted to incorporate into my own playing. Thrash and groove!

Karnivool – ‘Simple Boy’ (Steve – Bass)


Jon Stockman’s bass tone in this track is perfect both clean and distorted. Track opens with bass and drums with an angry gritty tone. Great track from one of my favourite albums Sound Awake.

Iron Maiden – ‘Aces High’ (Chris – Lead Guitar)

Picking just one song is nigh impossible when it comes to Iron Maiden. ‘Aces High’ has melody, harmonies, speed, high energy, harmonies, a memorable chorus, and harmonies all in abundance. Everything I like to include into my own personal song writing.

Grand Magus – ‘Iron Will’ (Jamie – Rhythm Guitar)

‘Iron Will’ represents all the main factors of heavy metal that I enjoy. Huge riffs, high vocals and a subject matter that involves never giving up and maintaining an Iron will in the face of adversity. A strong and unflinching song that represents the ethos of this band. “

For more on the NOCTURNE WULF, check out – www.facebook.com/nocturnewulf

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