Noble Jacks // Stay Awake // Album Review
Noble Jacks // Stay Awake // Album Review8
Noble Jacks // Stay Awake // Album Review8
Noble Jacks // Stay Awake // Album Review8
Noble Jacks // Stay Awake // Album Review8
Noble Jacks // Stay Awake // Album Review8
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Americana outfit Noble Jacks dropped their sophomore album Stay Awake on Friday, March 27th via Noble Ground Records. We caught the lads on tour recently supporting The Dead South as they weaved their way across the UK and Ireland on their Served Cold Tour. 

Noble Jacks on that evening brought an energy level that warmed the sold-out crowd on a cold winters evening and won over an army of fans, highly so with a blistering performance which whets the appetite for their sophomore album’s release. Finally Stay Awake is here and this Deluxe Edition carries fourteen catchy tracks that immediately propel you into their Folk-Americana infused-Pop-Rock style. The album is an all-out good time feeling collection of songs that just make you want to get up off your ass and let go, a beautifully poised album it has all the qualities needed to cross genres and win in a whole new wave of fans right across the UK and further afield. 

The mere mention of Folk-Americana could strike the fear of god into some people, but the music is far greater than the box that the media some people would like to put a band such as Noble Jacks in. Put aside the twang of the guitar, intricate work of the Fiddle, Guitar, and Mandolin from frontman Will Page and the infused electric guitar work of Matt Deveson which seamlessly blends together the traditional and the contemporary, Noble Jacks are a fresh-faced, fresh-sounding outfit that will allow you to expand your musical vocabulary, walk with the hipsters and eat that pizza with a topping of superiority when you can say you got in there on the ground floor. 

Embrace the quirky nature of everything that Noble Jacks are, following in the footsteps of the likes of The Waterboys, The Levellers and of course Mumford and Sons they are bringing you Folk and Americana with a British twist for the 21st Century and Stay Awake is well worth your hard-earned money. 


Stay Awake is available now via Noble Ground Records












Dear Nobles,
We’re really sad to say that, with the current outbreak of Covid 19, we are sadly going to have cancel our album launch at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Halls. Check your emails for details about the venue’s refund policy.
We can’t even describe how sick to the stomach this makes us. We’ve never cancelled a show, but we want to keep you guys all safe, and we just can’t put you in danger at our shows.

This is an incredibly dark time for all of us. It feels like a dark and twisted bad dream. But please spare a thought for bands and artists at this time. Live music revenue is the lifeblood of the industry, and without it, it’s simply going to be really hard to keep going. So if you can, please go out and buy albums, merch and stream the heck out of their tunes!

On the bright side of isolation, at least we get time to stay in and listen to our favourite tunes, as well as rediscover the things in our lives that we can appreciate now that we are slowing down from fast living. Your support for us has been amazing this year already, with nearly 50k streams on our new single Enjoy The Ride already, you’ve all really smashed it! If you want to continue the surge and help us out a million, we’ve included a link to our new album pre order, which will still be released on the 27th March, so you can support us and grab a copy, so it can keep you company while you’re indoors!

These times will pass, and we can’t wait for this all to blow over so we can rock out with you. Until then, stay safe, wash your mitts and look after loved ones! Peace and love, Will & Matty x


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