No Raza // Transcending Material Sins // Album Review
No Raza // Transcending Material Sins // Album Review8
No Raza // Transcending Material Sins // Album Review8
No Raza // Transcending Material Sins // Album Review8
No Raza // Transcending Material Sins // Album Review8
No Raza // Transcending Material Sins // Album Review8
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Formed in 1997 in Colombia, South America, No Raza has been taking the underground by storm for some time now and even with their relocation to Florida, the band hasn’t softened their approach in the slightest.

No Raza has played some of the biggest Colombian festivals and have ventured worldwide with Mammoth Fest 2017 in Brighton, Uk along with 70,000 Tons of Metal, Swarmfest and Full Terror Assault in the US along with their own international tours.

Pressing play will display instantly why this band has such a huge following. As the technical and industrial sounding drums begin to hammer and the choppy riffs begin to take hold the deep guttural vocal growls in all its glory providing a glorious Death Metal sound. The precision guitars and drumming are very impressive and build a very solid base for everything to build up.

This chunky yet riffy approach continues through the album, even when the solos begin to take effect and slice through the meaty backing. Taking about solos, they are very impressive and will lead you to begin involuntarily trying to riff the fuck out of your air guitar, before the deep and dingy riffs take over again.

The drumming really is something else on this album, the speed and precision is as high quality as you are likely to find and really does push the sound forward with the changes of pace and style. It feels like it is the engine room of the band and pushes everything else forward. Don’t get me wrong, every member plays their parts to perfection, however, the sounds created in the drum section are worth admiring and getting the credit that they deserve.

The 11 track offering spans roughly 55 minutes and blasts along at such breakneck speed it is over before you have had time to tale stock of what is happening, which can only lead to one thing, pressing play again! 

Transcending Material Sins is Technical, Industrial and as Death Metal as you can get as it blasts you off every wall like a squash ball and does it repeatedly. It is an album that should push No Raza in to the wider arena and is something that they should be proud of and gain recognition for. It is certainly a very strong album that will be present on many people’s playlists and CD shelves.

Ed Ford


Transcending Material Sins is released March 20th via Noble Demon.


Track List

1. On the Verge of Dying Out
2. Ancient Wars
3. Reborn
4. Fratricide
5. Sail In Rot
6. Alteración Mental
7. Decontamination
8. Scorn
9. Atrición
10. En Carne y Hueso
11. Transcending Material Sins


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