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After a hiatus, No Bragging Rights are about to bring their Melodic Hardcore back to the world and are here to tackle some very issues and offer support to people suffering from Domestic Violence. The subject matter and emotions that are packed into these 7 tracks will open a lot of people’s eyes whilst also helping many realise that they are not alone and that help is out there.

Having formed in 2009, No Bragging Rights caused an impressive stir before taking the decision to take a hiatus after the 2014 release The Concrete Flower. The band decided to take the full DIY approach by recording and producing the album themselves, meaning that they had full creative control. This then allowed for the EP to be raw and harsh, which is important with any release, let alone a release like this.

Opening up with ‘Strength Perspective’ the drums spit before the guitars and come along with a heavy and choppy approach before the melodic sing-along joins the abrasive Hardcore style vocal. The melodic aspects are real lung busters before the Hardcore wave and the breakdown helps the frustrations and emotions rush out of your body as you scream along with “strength finds a way.” This is a motivational way to open the EP and set the stall out.

The combination of power followed by harmony really mirrors human emotions and the link between anger and upset. Every person can relate to the feelings we all experience and the vulnerability we feel at times but this EP really lays everything bare for the listener and will open many eyes to the reality of abusive relationships.

I can’t help but feel that No Bragging Rights have created an EP that is going to help so many people to realise that what they experience isn’t right and isn’t acceptable whilst also helping others to find strength and belief.

The only way that this message is effectively shared is if the music is as powerful as the message and the fact that the EP successfully pulls on every emotional string in your being displays just how good this good. If you are wanting top quality Melodic Hardcore, then you have it by bucketload.

If you are just wanting to crank up the riffs and let Hardcore take over then get No Bragging Rights in your earholes but you will get far more than you expected.

If you are out there and feel alone, are on your journey or have experienced abuse, then this is really going to hit home and provide that release of frustration whilst also topping you back up with an enormous amount of strength. You are not alone the whole music scene is with you.

A huge amount of credit needs to be given to No Bragging Rights for being so open and honest and bringing this subject to a crowd that whilst is very supportive, isn’t always so open to their vulnerabilities. Not only is this important subject matter, but the music and the lyrics are incredible and allow that relatability. Well done.

Ed Ford


No Bragging Rights will be released on Friday 3rd December 2021 via Pure Noise Records.


Track List

  1. Strengths Perspective
  2. Walking Blind
  3. Breaking Point
  4. Stages
  5. The Weight
  6. Regret
  7. Unapologetic




No Bragging Rights // No Bragging Rights // EP Review
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