Nirvana - Live At The Paramount - Album Review
Nirvana - Live At The Paramount - Album Review 10
Nirvana - Live At The Paramount - Album Review 10
Nirvana - Live At The Paramount - Album Review 10
Nirvana - Live At The Paramount - Album Review 10
Nirvana - Live At The Paramount - Album Review 10
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Nirvana ‘Live At The Paramount’ Album Review With Special Guest Reviewer, Adam Breeze,  Drummer of British Rock Trio RavenEye

When you get the opportunity to review one of the most influential bands in recent musical history you cannot ask just a mere mortal to do so, instead I asked a good friend and thrasher of skins, Adam Breeze, one third of British Rock trio RavenEye and self proclaimed Dave Grohl-ite and Foo Fighters & Nirvana Super-Fan. With their second album in the bag and to be released later this year Adam took the time to give us his thoughts on this historic recording.

Nirvana‘s ‘Live At The Paramount’ will see its first vinyl release Friday April 12th.


One of my favourite live performance videos has to be “Nirvana Live at The Paramount”. If any ever asks me who Nirvana is I refer them to this concert of noise and carnage.

I believe this gig truly encompasses what this band is REALLY about. Nirvana has always been perceived as a band of misfits that are filled with grief and sorrow. This ironically, in my mind, is the complete opposite of what this band represents; they are just three normal guys who love to play their instruments, live and loud (excuse the pun), driven by raw and animalistic energy that comes so close to being a train wreck, but never does.

Kicking off this show with a “Vaseline’s” cover is just perfect. The whole set consists of the classics from “Nevermind” including, “Drain You”, “Lithium”, “Territorial Pissing’s” and of course “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Also included from the debut record “Bleach” you have riffs like “Negative Creep”, “School” and “Love Buzz” and then onto the deeper cuts such as “Aneurysm” and “Sliver” from “Insecticide”. I believe this is the best LIVE set list Nirvana have ever created.

Being a home town show makes this performance even more special. After the release of Nevermind, these guys played the Paramount and the band were already selling out venues and gaining worldwide attention, you could just tell this was history in the making.

I remember playing my first ever Nirvana tribute show, I analysed every Dave Grohl drum part obsessively, copying his whole drum setup with every cymbal stand set as high as it would go and my drum throne almost touching the floor. I used the Paramount show as a reference for my kit colour (bright red), even going to the extent of copying Dave’s outfit for the night; a Pixies band shirt with white jogging bottoms.

Playing every part as best as I could, I hammered through 2 hours of Nirvana’s catalogue and loved every second of it. Nirvana has had a huge impact on me as a musician, they have taught me about the dangerous side of Rock N Roll; the side that pushes a live show to that constant edge of disaster then pulls you straight back into a “safe place”. When performing live with my band RavenEye things do and can go wrong, cymbals can fly off stands, guitars can become unplugged, but this reminds me that music is all about human interaction, a feeling of pure ecstasy that is infectious to everyone who encounters it and I am so glad that it an be captured on the purest format possible. CD. Enjoy.

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