Nile // Vile Nilotic Rites // Album Review
Nile // Vile Nilotic Rites // Album Review9
Nile // Vile Nilotic Rites // Album Review9
Nile // Vile Nilotic Rites // Album Review9
Nile // Vile Nilotic Rites // Album Review9
Nile // Vile Nilotic Rites // Album Review9
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It’s fair to say that the follow up to What Should Not Be Unearthed has been years in the making, but those have not been event free.

The first album with new band members Brad Parris on bass and vocals along with Brian Kingsland on guitar and vocals, Karl Sanders and George Kollias began to write as a group in 2016 and with all members pulling in the same direction, here is the result of an in-depth and meticulous writing and recording process as the Nile wants to bring us the aggressive perfection.

The Death Metal giants were formed in 1993 and have released eight albums along with Eps and traveled the world playing to many a fan of extreme metal and are now back to devastate.

As soon ‘Long Shadows of Dread’ hits the intentions for this release are laid out bare for everyone to hear. With a rapid-fire pace, brutal technicality and aggressive vocals from the off, this is definitely a warning to strap yourself in as this is going to be one for the Brutal Death fans. The hours spent creating the album are immediately paid off as the guitars are white, the drums are punishing and the vocal growls perfectly along with the sinister, extreme sound.

This blistering continues but slides into differing of Brutal Death Metal, we have blast beats and slam tendencies occasionally to throw in the mix, along with slower and more sludge paced assaults, however, one thing is for certain, the quality created remains.

As we progress through the 11 tracks that span dome 55 minutes, the true concept of the wondrous destruction that is being played out for our pleasure really hits home with tracks such as ‘That Which Is Forbidden’ and its chain saw hooks and ‘Thus Sayeth the Parasites of the Mind’ bringing the Middle Eastern flavour before ‘Were is the Wrathful Sky’ continues to assault the mind on every audible level.

Vile Nilotic Rites is a fantastic example of Brutal Death Metal at its finest. Combining technicality, aggression, brutality and intelligently created music to produce one of the stand out albums of 2019 and one that current Nile fans will love along with many more becoming aware of this massive band. From start to finish the album crushes anything in its path leaving utter devastation.

Ed Ford


Vile Nilotic Rites is released Friday 1st November 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records


Track List

1. Long Shadows of Dread 4:07

2. Oxford Handbook of Savage Genocidal Warfare 3:09

3. Vile Nilotic Rites 3:28

4. Seven Horns of War 8:48

5. That Which is Forbidden 5:35

6. Snake Pit Mating Frenzy 2:48

7. Revel in their Suffering 5:44

8. Thus Sayeth the Parasites of the Mind 1:42

9. Where is the Wrathful Sky 4:40

10. The Imperishable Stars are Sickened 8:00

11. We are Cursed 6:53



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