Nihility - Thus Spoke The Antichrist - Album Review
Nihility - Thus Spoke The Antichrist - Album Review9
Nihility - Thus Spoke The Antichrist - Album Review9
Nihility - Thus Spoke The Antichrist - Album Review9
Nihility - Thus Spoke The Antichrist - Album Review9
Nihility - Thus Spoke The Antichrist - Album Review9
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Nihility : Non-existence; Nothingness; the state or condition of nothing. This is the belief that the band not only name themselves as, promote through their music as well, and their debut album Thus Spoke The Antichrist allows the Portuguese band to express their philosophy and explore nihilism, all too wonderous sounds of Blackened Death Metal, with a heavy slice of Brutal Death Metal thrown into the mix.

Utilising Death Metal as the basis for all they do and splashing some Old School here and there and then integrating a discreet undertone of Technical Death, this album bursts in to life with ‘Indulge Self Restraint’ where immediately we are met with a deep growl high paced drumming, Technical guitars and a deep bass line. Throw the occasionally heavy chug and you soon realise that Nihility is actually something and that something is rather special.

Combining the Old School Death vocal with all the other influences certainly works a treat as the album pushes forward at a crushing pace that is as punishing as it impressive as the vicious nature and sounds of the band repeatedly batter the eardrums in what can only be assumed as an attempt to burst them.

Title track ‘This Spoke The Antichrist’ displays a number of the band’s styles along with the deeply disturbing vocal that gurgles and rasps across the tracks as the guitars continue to attack the speakers and the drums test your resilience. My advice is just let the sound take over and get swept away in the mass of Deathly Metallic noise. Not only will it make the inevitable happen sooner, however, you will soon realise that this is a place where you like to be and want to delve deeper, plus as this only tracks 4 of 8 there is plenty more to get immersed in.

The album lasts for 29 minutes, however, the length certainly packs some girth is certainly not for the faint of heart as the intensity rarely lets up and when it does its solely for a brief moment and a slower pace does not mean any less brutal.

This is a very impressive debut album and really sets the bar not only for the band’s future releases, but also for any other bands who are releasing anything that fits under Brutal Death Metal for the remainder of 2019 as Nihility have simply created a monster.


Ed Ford


Thus Spoke The Antichrist is released May 24thvia Black Lion Records





Track List

  1. Indulge Self Restraint
  2. Organic Fallacies
  3. Shallow Ataraxia
  4. Thus Spoke The Antichrist
  5. Spirit of Contempt
  6. Will To Nothingness
  7. Abeyance Of Own
  8. Prophecy Of Denial



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