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Third single from the upcoming album
Release March 8th via Despotz Records



Single: Wolf To Man
Acclaimed melodic death metal band Nightrage will release their eighth album, ‘Wolf To Man’, on March 29th via Despotz Records. The title track, ‘Wolf To Man’, is the third single from the album and delivers the delicate mix of brutality combined with catchy melodies that Nightrage remain masters of.

The band describes the new single as ‘very eerie and kind of different from the usual Nightrage songs’. Using a discordant guitar melody combined with monk choir background vocals and heavy brutal riffs, along with Ronnie´s signature vocal attack. Together with the producer Ronnie Björnström they created a rich and powerful sound with a lot of dynamics, and they reached their goal of making an album fully loaded with clarity and heaviness.

“Homo Homini Lupus Est’ a Latin quote that loosely translates in to “Man is wolf to man”. A line depicting the predatorial bloodlust of man in the role of being its own greatest enemy. Here in the lyrics described from the angle of a beast, a wolf on the hunt for its prey.” – Nightrage

Album: Wolf To Man
With the upcoming album, Nightrage invites the listener to a mesmerizing melodic musical journey, telling the truthful story that guides us all the way to the inevitable demise of mankind. The music delivers a delicate and well-balanced blend between brutality and melody, and also an intricate mix of thrashing riffs, airy instrumentals and hooking choruses to bang your fists to.

The creative power trinity of Marios, Ronnie and Magnus started this conceptional dive into the darkest parts of humanity on the previous album ‘The Venomous’, and is now on ‘Wolf to Man’ taking it to the next level. This relentless story of extinction is told with as much aggression as there is intriguing and mesmerizing melodies. Memorable hooks and some of the catchiest choruses that metal has seen in decades, does nothing to compromise the brutality and honesty that NIGHTRAGE is known for.

Photo Credits: EvelinaSzczesik / Ever Vision Art

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