Sentient Ruin are honored and excited to partake in the real and highly anticipated birth of Canadian sludge-doom terrorists Nightfucker, with their long awaited debut self-titled LP finally arriving on LP and cassette formats on July 12 2019.

Perhaps few people were aware that Dominic Finbow, the legendary guitarist behind the gargantuan riffs and slime-ridden feedback of the UK’s malefic doom icons MOSS, had relocated to Vancouver BC in recent years. Upon relocating to Canada and laying Moss to rest for good, Finbow set out to assemble a new circle of sociopaths in his new home with which to start over and bring new life into his hideous design of stomach-churning doom.

The design was completed in the drenched months of 2008, when Nightfucker coagulated in the fetid, stagnant gutters above Vancouver’s filth-clotted stormdrains, as a reflection in primitive sludge/doom and as an exercise in the aural evisceration of the most unnameable inhumanity. The shadow was cast in the wake of the tormented legacies of forebearers Grief, Noothgrush, Eyehategod, Burning Witch, Corrupted, Goatsblood, Winter, Melvins, Leechmilk, etc., with Nick and Adam (of Vancouver’s scum cult Radioactive Vomit, Goatsblood, Deathwinds, and Ceremonial Bloodbath) rounding out the brand new power trio lineup to accomplish the wretched design. Nightfucker then etched a rotten demo titled Foul Omens onto a self-released cassette in 2010.

To follow were many years of bitterness, disconnection, dissolution, malice, injury and self-abuse. In the bleak gleam of 2016 Nightfucker entered an alcoholic fog to expunge their final demons and ended up recording several more hymns of helpless aural atavism and utmost misanthropy that would end up being recorded with Braden DeCorby in the literal black confines of their seldom-used rehearsal dungeon. The atrocities birthed in the session closed a cycle of utmost dread and self-loathing which stood as the final tracklist of their debut self titled full-length LP, set to be released July 12 2019 by Sentient Ruin on LP/CS in the US and by Rope Or Guillotine on LP only in Europe.

The Sludgelord and Metal Injection have set the expectations for the release, exclaiming that Nightfucker “have meticulously explored the deepest and most atrocious sewers of humanity”, and that on their debut LP “their bitter, reverb-drenched doom is torturous and unrelenting” respectively. You can ready the full features and hear the tracks HERE and HERE


  1. Temptation’s Curse

  2. Worthless Spirtit

  3. Addiction Sentence

  4. Death Beset

On their self-titled full-length album Nightfucker spew forth a churning miasma of slow moving and gut-wrenching terror conceived with the sole goal of representing in the most repulsive way possible the most degraded forms of human life, and explore themes addiction, abuse, suicide, hallucinations, delusions, mental illness, self-harm, and complete human collapse with revolting lucidity. The horrifying album is rounded out by incredible cover art painted for the band by oil painting luminary Matt Sidney (Triumvr Foul).

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