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A mid-week thrash session you say? Why not! A sunny Wednesday evening in Belfast and a good old-fashioned Thrash-fest is upon us as we venture to the holy grail of metal in this fine city, Voodoo Belfast.

Tonight we have three killer bands, two from the local shores and a blow-in all the way from Ventura, California, the one the only Night Demon! In support Dublin’s finest Unmaker who drop their new album this coming Friday and Belfast’s own Mortal Backlash! This one is going to be messy for sure.

It may be a school night, but none of these crazy kids have ever done their homework. But they sure as hell know how to rock! Up first, Unmaker and I am looking forward to seeing how these guys set the bar tonight, their new album has gone down a treat with our reviewer and the review will probably be live as I post this review Unmaker – Limb From Limb Review Here, so keep your eyes peeled for that one ☝️.

Unmaker takes the stage on the dot at 8 pm, and the room has a healthy gathering all standing back as the lads unleash a barrage of fire into voodoo. A headbangers wet dream Unmaker are a tight outfit laying down a serious set that sets a high bar. The lads call for the crowd to come forward and for a while they oblige but despairingly the Voodoo faithful appear a little shy this evening, unlike them. The very same people would tear this place up for bands in the M2TM competition, I’ve seen them do it before but tonight they appear a little lacklustre despite the graft that Unmaker is putting in on stage.

The lads deliver track after track, like Schwarzenegger himself and his UZI 9mm in Terminator, the riffs age flying and people should be ducking for cover, but alas it appears they have yet to turn up! Maybe they’re holding themselves back for the local lads. We shall see! To be fair looking bac at the photos a few crazies got involved but I wanted more for a band of this quality #rantover



So as thought the cured has indeed decided to turn up for Mortal Backlash! Which on the one hand is great to see the crowd getting involved, but sucks donkey dick for Unmaker, but alas I have bitched enough about that. It’s great to see the evolution of a band and Mortal Backlash tonight is that band, since I first caught them In M2TM a few years back, every then they were a force to be reckoned with, now a few more miles down the road, they are a seriously solid outfit. Opening for the likes of Evile not so long ago they have come a long way in just a few years. So credit has to be given for their graft and determination, clearly, there is a hunger and passion for what they do and it is paying off. A bitching set that has the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands shows us that their youth has been forgiven and their musical muscles appreciated as they flex them at will. Well played lads.



So cometh the hour, cometh the band and tonight Matthew, that band is Night Demon. So looking around the room we have quite the contrast, old-school metal heads fill the room and then you have a plethora of young blood’s who have come out in support of the two younger thrash bands, but Night Demon are a band of pure class. Old school at its finest and as they hit the stage after a long dramatic intro blasting out over the PA they get stuck right in, ripping off the faces of all who stand before them. This is my first Night Demon in the flesh live experience, and it is fuckin class! These guys absolutely fuckin rock, a powerhouse trio that knows how to deliver, stage presence that a band from the US can only deliver, god bless fuckin America and their obsession with this business we can show,cos without it god knows where we would be, fuckin Jedward!

But seriously I love watching a great band do their thing live, I love even more watching a great American band who really go under the radar hit a venue like Voodoo and absolutely blow the fucking roof off the joint and that is what Night Demon have done tonight, with an electric set that is highly addictive and a force of nature to watch live.

A school night thrash and old school metal fest, that’s the only education you’ll ever need, sharing the passion for your craft with an audience so invested in what you do. You’re sure as hell not gonna get that getting minimum wage at McD’s, so pick up your guitar, bass or slam those drums till your fingers bleed cos we need more bands like Night Demon more than ever!

Now we have 48hrs rest before M2TM final kids, be there or be square, I’ll see y’all down in the front row 🔥🔥🔥


I’ve been Mark, you’ve been lovely, till next time, and remember kids, first 3 NO FLASH #fuckyouiamarebel


Photography by Mark McGrogan

@flashartmark #flashartmark

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