Night Crowned // Impius Viam // Album Review
Night Crowned // Impius Viam // Album Review10
Night Crowned // Impius Viam // Album Review10
Night Crowned // Impius Viam // Album Review10
Night Crowned // Impius Viam // Album Review10
Night Crowned // Impius Viam // Album Review10
10Overall Score
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Having reviewed the band’s 2018 debut mini-album Humanity Will Echo Out, when I saw that the debut full-length album by Night Crowned for up for review, I jumped at the chance of hearing the next offering by this awesome band.

Night Crowned is the despicable result of combining current and previous members of Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System and this Scandinavian Black Metal virus is spreading and will cause genuine panic.

As you press play, the intro does nothing to alleviate concerns as the haunting 30 seconds sets the tone and raises the fear levels, before the album erupts with ‘Reborn’. With quick-paced drums being beaten in the background, a lovely bass drone, the guitars slicing through the noise and a blood-curdling vocal, it is quick and easy to see that Night Crowned have it all as they even throw in some melodic sections. This is Black Metal as we have not heard in some time ad it is glorious.

By the time the acoustic intro to ‘Ira’ pleasures the eardrum, we are already deep under the sell of the Swedish Death Cult yet this track strengthens the bind as the power behind the music is stepped up, still maintain the classic Black Metal sound, but with more oomph, if that is possible. The craftsmanship found in the tracks is rarely found and the results are even more sparsely located.

The 12 tracks on the album take hold of you and it tightens its grip on you as it progresses through the 56-minute long experience and it is an experience that you will want to keep repeating. The drumming gnaws away as the guitars needle their way into your nervous system and the vocals will haunt your dreams.

Impius Viam is quite simply stunning from start to finish and is my album of the year so far. This is how Black Metal should sound, dark and oppressive to the point where the average person would feel uncomfortable. Casting my mind back to the mini-album review, I stated that the future was exciting for Night Crowned and this goes to show why I got so excited over them initially. For me Night Crowned are in the elite of Black Metal and Impius Viam is an instant Black Metal classic that I for one will be purchasing and listening to heavily.

Ed Ford


Impius Viam was released Friday 28th February 2020 via Noble Demon Records.


Track List

  1. Impius Viam
  2. Reborn
  3. Nocturnal Pulse
  4. Ira
  5. Your Ending, Your Demise
  6. Your Sacrilegious Flesh
  7. Black Bone Cross
  8. Unholy Path
  9. All Life Ends
  10. Beneath No One
  11. No Room For Hope
  12. Ego Sum Bestia




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