Pesaro, Italy, is one of the areas most affected by the difficult situation we are going through and NH3, punk rock band based in the very center of this province, decides reach out to friends and fans near and far, getting them involved in their idea of a music video shot directly from their homes.
So the song “Best”, taken from the new album “Superhero” becomes a single of hope and community in these dark and difficult weeks.
In the video there are people who play their own instrument, a real lifeline for many musicians (NH3 included) and people who carry out those activities that have suddenly become typical of this period of isolation.
A way to say “we are here and music is also here to help us”… and why not, a way to exorcise the pain that this pandemic is bringing in everyone’s heart.


NH3 is an explosively energetic band, not only on stage but also as people. They have always faced difficulties head down, always responding with energy and positivity, using their music to give the strength to face even the darkest corners of life. In a situation as difficult as the one that Covid19 is forcing so many people to live, “Best” becomes a little anthem to the will to live, to the desire to fight together and the need to become aware of the gravity of the situation, but not let it get you down. A song that knows how to convey the invitation to hold on as positively as possible, as NH3 would do.

“Best” appears online shortly after the previous video, the cover of “Waiting Room” by Fugazi, featuring Chris #2 of Anti-Flag, which promotes the release of Superhero in a new vinyl format. Another way to say that music unites those who are far away, today more than ever.





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