Newly Remixed and Remastered Limited Edition, 20th Anniversary Hi-Def Version of Yellowcard’s Classic Album ‘One For The Kids’ Now Streaming Everywhere


Newly Remixed and Remastered Limited Edition, Hi-Def Version of Yellowcard’s Classic Album ‘One For The Kids’ Now Streaming Everywhere; Pre-Order The Vinyl (with New Artwork, Never Before Seen Band Photos, Unreleased Version of “A.W.O.L.”)

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“Christmas has come early for punk kids, especially those who grew up in the 2000s.”- HollywoodLife

“Beautiful. Imagine your favorite pop-punk band. Got it? Now, imagine that band with breathtaking harmonies, amazing guitar riffs and a violin. Yes, a violin. Also, imagine that band is also able to play intricate acoustic songs. Sounds pretty damn good doesn’t it? IT SOUNDS GREAT! This album is the pinnacle of pop-punk music. ” (5 stars)-

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‘One For The Kids,’ the 2001 third studio LP from beloved pop-punk band Yellowcard is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a completely remixed and remastered high definition version of the classic album on vinyl and digital, with new artwork and featuring never before seen band photos and an unreleased version of the song “A.W.O.L.”

The album is now streaming on all DSPs:


Apple Music

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Lobster Records, the band’s first label home, has launched pre-orders for the vinyl at:

Stream “Star Struck” HERE.

Watch the ‘One For The Kids’ promo video HERE!

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Photo: Paul Michael Rhodes

Founding lead guitarist Ben Harper tells Spin“Because of the fact that Lobster Records had stored the reel to reels impeccably, we were able to sonically enhance the entire project while keeping the integrity of the original tracks. This was our first ‘big studio’ recording experience, yet on a small ambitious label. We did in fact, run over budget and time during the original recording process. The remixed, remastered version is One for the Kids in high definition. It’s a brand new listening experience in its entirety, and you hear and feel sounds you haven’t before. Fans who grew up on this album will be blown away as well as first-time listeners will be drawn to it. This reissue is a fantastic 20th-anniversary gift or Christmas present for Yellowcard and pop-punk fans worldwide.”

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*Multiple Limited Edition Vinyl Variants!

*Featuring Never Before Seen Band Photos!

*Various Bundles: Merch, Vinyl, Digital!

*Unreleased Version of “A.W.O.L.”

‘One For The Kids’ 20th Anniversary Edition Track Listing (Fully Remixed/Remastered in High Definition!)

1. Starstruck

2. Drifting

3. Something Of Value

4. Trembling

5. Sure Shot

6. Big Apple Heartbreak

7. Cigarette

8. October Nights

9. Rock Star Land

10. For Pete’s Sake

11. A.W.O.L.

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