New Valley Wolves // Paper Tigers // Wildhound // A 1000 Days Gone // Live Review
New Valley Wolves // Paper Tigers // Wildhound // A 1000 Days Gone // Live Review // Love & Death // Belfast 
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New Valley Wolves // Paper Tigers // Wildhound // A 1000 Days Gone // Live Review // Love & Death // Belfast

New Valley Wolves return once again to Belfast, this time a headline show at Love & Death with three local bands in tow to ramp up the volume.


A 1000 Days Gone kick off proceedings, a fresh faced band on the scene this four piece have a solid sound, cohesive and consistent throughout which can be a rare thing for new bands as they often search for a defining sound. There are grungy elements throughout with a solid Rock backbone, thick groove laden riffs with a melodic quality binding it all together, another quality band on the local scene and one to watch for sure.


And now for something completely different, I caught Wildhound out of the corner of my eye when I walked into Love & Death – Two gents sat left of the stage that looked like a scene akin to Fargo, they were either gonna kill us all or Rock the fuck out, thankfully it was the latter. One song in and you know all you need to know about Wildhound – Bluesy, Fuzz drenched beauty savagely played by two killer musicians! The drum work at the end of the opening song just demands your attention and by the end of track two the people in the cheap seats are screaming for more! “Track 3 is a new song we wrote, what 3 days ago? Can’t remember the name but you’ll love it!” Kinda says it all about Wildhound, living in the moment with a raw and visceral quality and well worth the entry fee alone. Dual vocals, one guitar, one guy on drums, what more can you ask for? Check these crazy cats out when you can.

Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers is yet another wing of Michael Smyth Industries / Michael is also frontman of THVS whom we covered at the M2TM for Northern Ireland and of course finalists. This time we find Paper Tigers as a female fronted quintet with a more Alt/Rock Indie vibe. Tonight is their first gig unleashing themselves on a packed Love & Death thanks to the support they have pulled from far and wide. These guys have a real energy about them, passion flowing through their veins for what they do, a seriously rocking set with huge melodic hooks ensure they have a broad appeal across the board, Guitarist Michael is down on the floor as the Love & Death stage just can’t hold this animal, and front-woman Megan Sylvan occasionally throws herself down there to spend that built up energy. The room is bouncing and for a debut gig it’s been a success. No signs that these guys are making their debut tonight as they looked at ease up there doing their thang under the Love & Death Light.


11:15 as advertised New Valley Wolves take to the stage, no sire or graces just the scream of a overdriven guitar and they’re right into it! Thunderous drums, groove laden riffs and sumptuous guitar work make for an enticing proposition. A gnarly sound these guys nail it every-time, the last tile I caught them live in The Telegraph Building supporting Black Stone Cherry and they looked every bit the part worthy of their place on that stage that night, seeing them up close and personal tonight is a real pleasure as you can feel every thrash if the guitar and every slam of those skins in the modest sized room.

Baz Joyce on the drums is an absolute animal, pounding those skins like his life depends on it, you can feel each crashing drum reverberate throughout your body and the power of this duo is thrust across the room. Vocalist Johnny screams “I’m an animal, I’m I’m an animal” yes you are! They may be small In numbers but New Valley Wolves Fill the room, a savage performance as always show how the small can be the mighty, it’s not about numbers it’s quality over quantity, “Get your ass out of the smoking area, Get up here, that’s what we’re here for!” And they mean it! The guys rip their way across a gritty and intense set that is mesmerising to watch, blood, sweat and tears the guys have the lot and more, the piercing guitar tones fused with the monstrous drum work just envelope the room and pull you in.

A welcome return to Belfast for The New Valley Wolves, these guys are one of the gems on the Irish music scene right now and an absolute must to catch live where you can, the line up brought a varied mix of styles and announced the arrival of a few new players on the local scene well worth checking out.

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