New Single “Sorrow” By Gareth Dunlop featured in “Hidden Star” by Mary Beth Gentle Drops Feb 24th

“Sorrow” is part of an upcoming documentary about grief called “A Hidden Star”  The film was started by a filmmaker, Allison, who was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to document her journey.  Sadly, Allison did not win the battle.  Her friends decided to finish Allison’s documentary, and everyone involved went to Ireland for her memorial, which became a key part of the documentary.

This song about grief was written for the film and Gareth performed a few songs at Allison’s memorial in Ireland.

A Hidden Star – trailer feat. Gareth’s “Sorrow” :

Official website:

About Sorrow & A Hidden Star:

Back in Jan 2019 I was asked to play some songs at a Scattering of Ashes Ceremony & Wake on the West Coast of Ireland. A group of friends and filmmakers had travelled from Los Angeles to say goodbye and lay to rest ‘Alison Wilke Gryphon’. As well as saying their goodbyes and celebrating her life, they chose to document their collective journey as well as Alison’s battle with cancer. Through being there for several days I got to learn more and more about Alison, I spent time with her family and friends and watched them navigate through their grief. As they got close to completing their documentary they asked if I would write a song for the film. One of the hardest songs I’ve ever tried to write. Ultimately, I pulled on my own dealings with grief and loss & tried to map out how that journey has been for me in the past. If you get the chance, watch ‘A hidden Star’.”

Gareth Dunlop


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