New Single SHE KNOWS from South African Blues Rock Extraordinaire KENNY HUGHES

New Single SHE KNOWS from South African Blues Rock Extraordinaire KENNY HUGHES (Produced By, And Featuring EVERT SNYMAN)

She Knows is about the Earth and its grandiose four elements. Kenny shares that “Growing up, I was a big fan of the animated series ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’ that addresses the power of the elements Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. The deeper meaning behind She Knows is that Mankind thinks we are superior to nature, but we are doomed to fail if we do not heed the warnings (secrets) of the Earth. The secret that …She knows!”

Producer and contributing artist Evert Snyman adds that “The unusual 3-phrase-verse makes She Knows great, because you keep thinking it’s going to go into the chorus sooner, and when you think there’s going to be a fourth phrase … the chorus hits! One of my favourite parts of the song is how the drums in the verses are like a constant drum roll, yet simplifies when it comes to the chorus, that in my opinion makes Kenny’s voice stand out more in the chorus. Kenny and I also shared Bass duties that made the song sound even tighter.

We recorded She knows the day after Run Along. My drummer Tim came in after we recorded Run Along and ripped me off for the way that he can always tell it’s me on drums, so I guess I took that to heart and concentrated on making the drums different from how I usually play. All in all, the song came out great. As I’ve said before, Kenny has a great voice, and that boy knows how to make a guitar an extension of his body and always brings something new to the table with every song he brings into the studio.”

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Photo by Roxanne van Oudtshoorn

Kenny Hughes is a dynamic traveling Blues Rock Prodigy from South Africa. Kenny has been performing and writing his material since picking up the guitar at a very young age, with several defining years on the road already! His enthusing spirit and sensational mode of Blues Rock have earned him consecutive top charting positions already in South Africa (with several international accolades to boot).

“Blues and the open road, where inspiration and the muse may lead my passion … lead me to you … the world is my stage! I am Kenny Hughes, a travelling Blues musician from South Africa and I want to perform for you, so do not hesitate to get in contact for a booking [email protected]

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