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This is Vatic. From Melbourne, Australia, the five-piece metalcore outfit have spent the last year and a half establishing themselves as the underdogs of the heavy scene. Playing shows alongside prominent acts like Thornhill, The Gloom In The Corner, Foxblood, and Wither, they have consistently delivered stellar live performances coated with precision and poise. After dropping their debut EP Inhibition in 2019, they are back with their brand new single, “Departure”, and they are ready to step in and take over.

Departure represents the continued growth of Vatic, as it tightens the screws on the previously established sound from the Inhibition EP. The instrumentals and vocals work fluently to create an atmosphere of dread, pain, and anxiety. Suspense and tension consistently linger in the verses, as “Departure” builds to each chorus and breakdown with satisfying intensity. Heaviness is built through the misery and panic of the lyrics. Harsh screams and nightmarishly mesmerising clean vocals flesh out the song with a strong contrast of light and dark. The punch and suspense of the verses lend themselves to making the chorus the catchiest in Vatic’s arsenal. This all builds fluently to a substantial breakdown at the end, that closes out the song in a largely dramatic fashion.

Vatic is;
Matthew Payne – Vocal
Zakary Luttrell – Bass / Vocals
Dylan Houston – Drums
Adam Bonnefin – Better Guitarist
Dinesh Senaratna – Lead Guitar

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