• Quirky, indie pop/alt-rock outfit, Cannibal Kids, announce the track “Voicemail,” ahead of their album deadheads, due out February 21, 2020. Already making waves from their hometown, Homestead Florida and up the coast, Cannibal Kids breathe youthful energy back into the indie scene with their newest release. “The surf rock influences are clear with lush guitar strumming and a thumping bassline…” (MDC The Reporter) Writing songs about love and their reality, and inspired by the fast-paced, ocean-side heat of South Florida, the band have been making music for half their lives together.   “The melancholic lyrics juxtapose nicely with the track’s yacht rock vibe reminiscent of Hall & Oates or Elton John.” (Surviving the Golden Age) LISTEN TO “VOICEMAIL
  • Alternative Indie band, Perfect Blue, announce their new single, “Guilty” from their forthcoming album and “a few dozen listening sessions later, you can’t stop. Well, we’re happy to share with you that it’s a perfectly normal reaction to modern alternative indie rock music that is this good.” (Pure Grain Audio) The band have only been together since 2018, but already have been prolific, releasing an EP in early 2019, receiving praise from tastemakers like Obscure Sound, Independent Music Reviews, and A1234, and now, preparing for the new album in Spring 2020.  The debut full-length is greatly enhanced by the approach the band take to recording and arranging with each member playing multiple instruments on each track. “Guilty was initially written in the early months of 2018 and was deeply inspired by goth/new wave legends, including The Cure, Interpol, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. LISTEN TO “GUILTY”
  • Irish London-based, dark indie soundscape group, OFFICER, announce their new heartbreaker single, “PYLON MOON from their forthcoming album NIGHT TENNIS, due out February 28, 2020.  “The lyrics-packed “Pylon Moon” unifies into a singularly coherent piece of work the layered symbolism of an intimate poet with an atmospheric and driving soundscape, all delivered with an infectiously sing-a-long flow. It’s viscerally of the spectacular now, yet also generates a sense of deep time and space, particularly towards the future.” (The Big Takeover) The album and its singles explore deeply personal experiences from the life of central songwriter and figure, DC Logan. It is awake with emotional intelligence and spans Irish folk, singer-songwriter, alt-country, soundscape, and electro influences to create a signature indie sound.   LISTEN TO “PYLON MOON” 
  • Singer, songwriter, and accomplished guitarist/Berklee graduate, Harris Breyfogle,  announces his new single “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You,” from his upcoming full-length album Complexus, due out in Spring 2020. “Breyfogle is sure to drastically expand his horizons with this new release which acts as a perfect introduction to his mellow, soulful style of music. Whaling away on his Fender guitar, Breyfogle expresses his deepest feelings and emotions, through his voice, soothing guitar and his pressing fear of the potential loss he may be experiencing.” (Sax and Violins)     Already featured on blogs including, Broken 8 Records, The Hype Magazine, Imperfect Fifth, and others, Breyfogle will be expanding his fan base with “Angela.”  This song is one of the more upbeat tracks on the forthcoming release. Complexus is an emotional timeline of Breyfogle’s relationship with his ex, exploring the journey to find closure through both tragedy and comfort.  “Angela” is stylistically inspired by tunes like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and preludes to the tone and meaning of the album. “Angela” is the name of the person who gave reason to Complexus in the first place. LISTEN TO “STILL FEEL LIKE I’M LOSIN’ YOU” 

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