New Pop-Punk Track is a Remedy for Rejection – “Out Of My Head” (single) – December 11, 2020 

New Pop-Punk Track

is a Remedy for Rejection


November 25, 2020: What’s on the other side of rejection? For punk-pop artist/producer Corey Pavlosky, it sounds like a direct line between self-inflicted gaslighting and processing what happened, musically. In the same way someone might turn on an upbeat song to cheer up a friend, Pavlosky’s latest track could be described as a fun song about being shot down. Set to drop December 11, 2020, “Out Of My Head” brings listeners into the grappling that precedes letting go. 

“[The rejection] was obnoxiously painful,” Corey admits, “but I’m gonna force myself to be happy.” 


Frequently producing songs for other artists, this is the first personal song Corey Pavlosky has finished, in its entirety, in nearly two years. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Corey’s epiphany that anyone can pick more than one instrument helped spark his desire to do just that; for this, he cites “Google search” as one key to his success. Both written and produced by Corey Pavlosky, “Out Of My Head” features instrumentation to include drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals; one might call it a choir of Coreys. 

Prior to his debut EP release in 2018, “Atlas,” Corey grew up playing in churches, bars and the college he attended… before dropping out. Quickly falling in love with the production process, he found himself wanting to learn more and built “Pipe Dream Studios” from scratch, soon after. To date, Corey has played the mainstage at Northwest Creationfest (2019), the Norva, traveling up and down the east coast, rocking the likes of both public and private events. 

If you’re curious what’s next for Corey Pavlosky’s personal music project, it will include a steady stream of singles through 2021; in many ways, his music is a window into what’s going on in his life.

“Every song is a direct line into my thought process,” Corey shares. “I can only write from a place of honesty.” 

For fans of: All Time Low, The Band CAMINO, This Wild Life


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